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My 1st song ever....

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Author Comments

my 1st time doing anything like this *fingers cross* inspiration from some artists here :)



I loved it!

A lot better than my first =/

This is rather interesting...

Did you master this whatsoever? It doesn't sound like it, you should really start playing around with the equalizers along with compressors it'll make your music sound a lot better! That and you should tweak the volume of your individual instruments so that certain ones stand out than the others, such as the instruments playing melodies. I don't think you have the greatest library of samples either. The only thing that sounded genuinely real was the dark string ensemble but that's probably because it was a good sample on it's own, if you mastered it then it could have sounded even more amazing, along with the rest of your instruments.

Besides playing around with volume you wanna EQ your individual instruments and raise up the volume of the higher frequencies (3kHz+ (3,000+ hertz)) or make the instrument play higher notes because the entire song besides your oboe solo and your rev-crashes sounded like it was played in the 3rd octave and below, which makes the song sound kinda muddy since you have so many instruments playing in the 50Hz - 1kHz [frequency] range. If you want a real GRAND feel to your orchestrated music then you wanna hit everything between 50Hz to 20kHz! It'll give the song a more full feeling. So you should perhaps try raising your xylophone and bells an octave higher and see if it sounds better. You also could have done something to the bass trombone, it sounds really muddy because it was practically fighting for attention with the dark string ensemble since both of those instruments are playing the same very low frequencies. You need to seperate your bass trombone from your dark string ensemble, perhaps raise it an octave higher and lower the volume if you wanna keep it subtle or raise the volume of higher frequencies within it using an equalizer.

Now to your oboe solo. If you are going to put the spotlight on a specific instrument then you gotta make it SING! Make it powerful and give it some feeling! I thought the oboe needed to be louder and EQ'd a bit, also might of been cool to try out and layer it with something else. The melody it played was pretty cool, I enjoyed it =)

Now just like everyone else said, you played the rev-crash too frequently and it took a lot of attention off of everything else that it was going on since it was playing much higher frequencies.

Overall I think you could have been this song sound a lot better. It was still well composed though. (Tip: Also experiment with reeverb! I think you'll like it =])

~ Kirizzle

LoneInstrumentalist responds:

wow, tnx man, great review....thou i needa correct u for sake of clarity X]

its kinda hard, but i make all my songs note by note, so it might clash wifout me noticing when i play 'em thru sumtimes

and 2. NOT oboe, its a string instrument ;) u can guess

and tytyty!!! i spend around 24 hrs on it lo X]

i'll heed to everyone's suggestion....once i complete my bio homework x_x

cheerios! keep up ur work!

Wasn't bad at all for your first

It started out and I was kinda iffy about it, because I think you had melodies on two different scales going at the same time. Definitely don't do that unless your doing something atonal, because it just doesn't sound good. That ssssssSSSSS noise started to annoy me after a while, I think it would have done your piece good to have gotten rid of it completely.

But at the end, at least I think it was the end because it loops, where you had just the violin and something weird and choppy in the background, that sounded pretty nice. So it was kinda worth the wait.

7/10 from me, but a 5/5 vote because you took a bash, a rather harsh one at that, from Kirizzle and weren't a noob about it. There needs to be more beginners like you :)

LoneInstrumentalist responds:

harharhar!! hear that kriss? X]
my self respect demanded to stand up against judgment so... X] hi kriss!

anyhow, yes , i worked on this a bit more recently, n i completely got rid of the symbols till the very end, and i changed the melody instrument X] hope to add sum effects soon! tnx!

cheerios~ keep urs up! n i'll try to keep up >.<

Quite impressive.

hey for your first song, thats pretty damn amazing! If I sent you my first song, you'd throw something at me, and crush my head into a fine powde...

well nuff with that, onto the review!

(To answer your question, I think you should do classical, you seem to have some good talent in this field)

Right off the bat, I want to say that violin part, was something I REALLY enjoyed, that part in itself has moved me quite deeply, its a simple melody, yet its very effective.

Like DJDarkAngel stated, you overuse the rev crash's a bit too much, but hey, we all learn through making stuff, I learned high amounts while making my songs, I hope you have learned a lot from making this likewise.

There should be a bit of variation with the violin, its a very powerful melody, but if you use it that much, it will lose its flavour.

Also I feel that three note transition of the violin in the very beginning, should be removed, it sounds a bit awkward.

I liked the bass percussional work, it was quite neat. The background sounds were appropriate and worked very well.

4/5 from me this time Loneinstrumentalist, I cannot possibly imagine what you can do in a few months, keep it up, I have great expectations from you ^^.

LoneInstrumentalist responds:

hehe, i see u reviewed my 2nd...n that only took me 6 hrs *hangs self*

yes, in the soon-to-be finished version of this song (give take months) i thus far removed the violin intro, the symbols, n reviewd the sounds....still needs work *raises from the grave* >:D

ah hwell, i learned heck loads making it, and reading reviews such as this n others, thank you all! *bows....too low, cracks back*


Okey &quot;:)

Okey the track was nice but if you dont mind me givving you a few pointers for future work.

I can deffenetly hear ALOT of talent in you, but you are making a couple of newbie (dont take this the wrong way :) when i started making music i made them to) mistakes

Okey here they are.

The first thing is to try not to repeat a sertain non-beat sample.
For example that reversed crash (it's a reversed crash right?) you played it WAY to much it takes your attention off the song. Try to use those kind of samples when your doing transitions, breaks or crossovers, couse when you hear a reved crash you expect a cross over or a break, and when you hear it just play and nothing happens... well you get the idea :)

Equlization is very VERY important, the kick that you used in this song was very badly equalized, to loud, it distorted the rest of the song.

The melodies you used were very nice, but i noticed ther are all lead. Try adding something constant to you songs that doesnt take your attation much but it is there.
Say a synth back melody, or a pad you get the idea. But keep it background.

Cross overs are very important, try do use them.
Say your switching from one melody to another. Or going from intro to main song. Make a rev crash before the new melody starts then a crash.
That is the simplest cross/transition you can do :) with time you'll learn to make them better and more interesting, couse they are really important.

Thats all i can think of :) hope you arent taking my advice as abuse or anything, i just wanna help couse i see the mistakes i made when i learned to make music :)

4/5 ^_~
DarkAngel out...

LoneInstrumentalist responds:

i do know my mistakes....only one huge prob......
....i have no idea where the percussion is ;_;
and also....
im still working around this program, and there are alota effect wif nice names (equlization being one of many)
but i'v been trying in vain >.<

thou tnx for the review, be ready for updates on all my songs X] hopefully can reach the "complete" stage

until then,

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3.45 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2006
4:30 AM EST
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4 min 10 sec

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