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The Awakening.

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Author Comments

After not submitting anything for absolutely aaaages I bring you THIS! I MADE IT JUST FOR YOU!
Okay so that's a lie - this is my piece for my free composition project for university. And I spent quite a while on it.
My macbook charger tried to stop me (it broke)
My ear tried to stop me (I went deaf for 2 weeks! no lie!)
My guitar strings tried to stop me (they kept snapping)

Hype aside, this is possibly my favourite thing that I've ever made. I spent much longer on it than anything else and I'm fairly proud of it. Don't let that stop you criticising it, that's just my opinion!
Anyway, it's a dubstep sort of thing. Well it started as a dubstep sort of thing and then turned into something I don't really know how to describe.
It has a long intro, so be patient!

Stuff I used:
Logic Pro 9 (including the built in stuff! particularly ES2)
My guitar (the black one)
ReFX Nexus
Camel Audio Alchemy
NI Absynth
iZotope Stutter Edit
EzDrummer DFH
A billion plugins (FabFilter Pro-Q and Micro featured a lot)




Aw man I love this. And I know this is late, but here's my take.

Prequel: In america, a futuristic distopia. A new drug has taken flight, and is selling extremely good. Law enforcement is cracking down on it.

Story: A supplier and a few of his buddies who are involved with the drug are hanging around, basking in money, and their own drugs of course. Drugged out of their minds, they're too zoned out to realize the police surrounding their hideout. You're about to fall asleep, dozing off into a drowsy wonderland, filled with the joys of your incredible drug. Suddenly SHATTER- a can comes in through the window and settles down in the middle of the room. Wait no it's not a can it's a-FLASH- the can explodes into a white ball of light filling the rooms, and leaving it with a silent bang. Everybody inside the room is disoriented, and nearly blinded, including you as you crawl hazily into the next room. The guns are going off, firing at iminent threats who would fire, but they're so silent, why so silent? Can nobody hear them? I can't hear anything. No of course not, the guys in the next room over are blasting music loud as their eardrums permit it, and the police are using silenced rifles. Damn, no time to grab your money, or your product, just run. As you progress through the building shoving everyone and everything aside, one officer is catching up to you, and he's faster, and not strung out on drugs, he's almost there, but suddenly one of your partners turn the corner, loading a shotgun. He aims at the officer chasing you, paying no attention to how close the muzzle is to your head. The blast goes off, and once again you are left with ringing ears, and a disoriented state. While you gather enough strength to look up, you see your partner with the shotgun get shot, he's not going down. He must be strung out too. As he gets fired on repeatedly, you compose yourself enough to crawl out a window, and fall next to an SUV. Someone sees you, and you can hear shouts, which are most likely followed by police officers storming down the alley to catch you, but they don't matter, all that matters right now is getting in that car and out of here. You smash the window, climb in, and drive away. As you slowly see your hideout fading away in the mirror, you see any last chance of you staying in this city fade with it. It doesn't matter though, because you're making it away, leaving all of the chaos behind.

Hope I could create what I invisioned well enough. Awesome music again :D

Oh there is soooo a fight going on here!

This is absolutely incredible! I am a game designer by passion and trade, and I surf this sight looking for music to keep me mapping. This, along with Mr. SuperJesusFace's comment was exactly the cowbell I needed for my fever, man! I would like to add one last thing to that story though:

It was no dream. The fight was real, but so was the clarity in his mind. Just as the song is coming to is conclusion after the lull, in prison he sees that he was wrong to fight physically. It was a reaction to the stress and the alcohol unleashed the beast that longed to lash out at those who brought him to this state. An awakening, if you will. He sees now how to fight back. Glass will break again....

Amazing song, I might have said that already. Keep it up, man!!!!

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The Story

I agree, the story I see...
So this guy has had a shit week at work. Being swamped with papers and he thinks he is getting screwed over with his paycheck. His wife try's to calm him down as he comes home angry but he ignores her and his daughter and heads to the bar. He orders a few beers then moves to some shots. As things get blurry and hazy, so do his thoughts. Someone accidentally brushes up against his shoulder after a few hateful words are exchanged bottles start flying. In a rage he he starts to punch everyone in site. Cops are called and he is cuffed and on his way to jail. In his mind he realizes what he has just done. Things start to rewind in his mind, as his thoughts and mind is filled with regret. He thinks about his wife and daughter. His job and what his boss will say because what he did turned out to be on the evening news. He awakens thinking it was a dream... when he realizes he's in jail. That's just what I in vision ^^
Good song I like it >:D

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picklesandwichh responds:

HAHAHAHA oh god now that was a creative review :)
And like maybe at the end he's trying to escape but he's like being dragged away or something as it fades out.
Someone else told me this song is a story about a giant robot being built and activated and then it goes crazy and kills its creators or something, but I think you win.


This is amazing i cant believe what im hearing its so amazing i love the begininng and the whole damn thing with the guitar and the beat in the background. u r an artist to say the least so other than that you are really good. oh and one more thing the beginning reminds of halo.


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4.55 / 5.00

May 16, 2011
9:43 PM EDT
File Info
9.2 MB
4 min 1 sec

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