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Obviously, I love doing memorable video game music covers and remixes. Here's one from a slightly obscure and often unappreciated title: Legend of Legaia. This frequently overlooked PlayStation title is an original all the way, and the PS2 sequel really didn't do it justice in my opinion. Not that it was terrible or anything, but it just didn't bring a lot to the table as far as innovation goes.

Don't expect heavy percussion and a frenetic tempo...unless you enjoy being disappointed, that is. This is almost more of a lullaby. Try not to drift off to sleep as you listen. (;

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Cool but

its a good remix but my problem is...


ChronoNomad responds:

I love all the music from Legend of Legaia, but this particular piece was forever getting stuck in my head. The boss battle music is pretty epic, but my biggest concern would be in not doing it justice. My normal process is to just take the music straight from memory/inspiration, but I certainly don't have to work without a reference...

I will consider it, and if I end up remixing the boss battle music, you will be the first to know.


I was just looking for a Legaia song for a video lol. I hope you don't mind if I use this song but also link this in the video. Now to the actual review. This just sounds amazing. In my opinion its better than what was in the game. I WANT MORE LIKE THIS.

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks for the great review! I'd be totally fine with you using this piece and adding a link to the song here on Newgrounds. Don't forget to mention my name! (I'm not trying to be immodest or anything, that's just part of the Commons Deed licensing lol)

I added a lot of my own little touches to this remix, and it was certainly my hope that it could sound at least as good - if not better than - the original piece. If you liked this, you should definitely check out some of my original Fantasy genre pieces. Forever Fantasy is by far my most listened-to and favorited song, and Aria of Memories is another great choice that has been added to the roster fairly recently. If you're into video game remixes and covers, I've got plenty of those on-hand for you to listen to, as well!


i would have had it just as steady as the piano but beautiful indeed

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks! I'm beginning to see that you're a man who truly enjoys his flute. Good on ya! :D

Very nice.

A good piece of work, and an excellent job on the superposition of the different melodies, it creates a great ambiance, and there is not even one mistake in it.
The arpeggios and the little piano descents are well done and bring a sort of echo and gives the song a little more density than the simple melodies.
Actually, all those little sounds around the main melody that embellish it are great, and make your song vary while it keeps going.
A big respect for being able to lead a melody on almost 6 minutes while avoiding the listener to even think about quitting it.

Nevertheless there is a very big problem in my opinion : about the length of the flute notes in the beginning particularly. And it's really noticeable when you've got quarter note-silence-quarter note-silence. All those flute notes are disappearing in the same way. As if the player was just blowing one sec and then stopped but faintly. It's hard to explain but it's really disturbing. The notes are too spaced and not enough long to be stopped this way. You should make them last until the next one. Cause the way you leave them is making waves and prevent the fluidity of the melody.

Anyway it's really good on the overall, and congratulations again for keeping the listener's attention for more than 6 minutes in a perfect coherence. And for pushing him to ask for more at the end. ;)

ChronoNomad responds:

Interestingly enough, what you deem to be a flaw was done purposefully to give the music a sort of "breathy quality". It's a technique that I've only used a few times, but there is an extremely slight pause between the high and low flute notes. The high note arrives, and then a split-second later the lower note appears. The high flute happens in short, breathy bursts to simulate a single puff of air.

It all sounds a lot more technical than it really is. I guess in the end I merely wanted to stagger the flute sounds to further the Fantasy aspect of the music. As I said, I haven't used this technique often, but I really like it in Legaia. I'm sorry if it makes things sound disturbing, but it's rather impressive that you're listening with such a musical ear that you even notice such a thing.

In the end I just want to thank you for offering up such a thorough and in-depth review! You possess a very cursory ear for music, and it is very much appreciated. I, too, am impressed that I can manage to keep the listener's attention for nearly a six-minute span with this song. If you have the time and are interested, I would truly appreciate more reviews from you in the future. :)


Though Legaia never became a massive hit, those who played it have undoubtedly loved it. It had a very original combat system and enough twists on the JRPG format to keep things new.
This is the opening menu song, correct? It has been quite a while. I think that it may be the Genesis Tree song as well.

The bells and synthy sound help keep with the very mellow and relaxing theme of the original. They also at times sound more like flashes to classic RPG 8-Bit themes.

Tornado Farrame! (Why would they make a man with a Japanese accent say a word with a strong l?)

ChronoNomad responds:

I always associate this song with the Prophecy of Hari since it plays in that little underground dwelling. The actual name of the song is 'Light of the Town'. Kind of a blah name, so I simply called this version 'Legaia', which I think is rather fitting. The menu and Genesis Tree songs are different, but they really had some original music on their hands back when this game was first released.

I wanted to keep this version fairly true to the original, whilst adding a bit of my own stylish flair and some other odds and ends. Still, it's meant to be relaxing and chill so this version has very few percussive elements, and what it does have is appropriately light and airy.

Well, I can't really speak for the game designers, but maybe they thought "Tornado Flame" sounded better than "Tatsumaki Enkou". Then again, we're all familiar with Ryu and Ken's "Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku" from the Street Fighter series, but all they're saying is "Tornado Whirlwind Leg", which is just a tad redundant in my book.

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