_-=[Burning My Angel]=-_

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An epic story is being told, what story does it tell you?

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the story

i see in the starting a city has been destroyed by a nuke and slowly gonig forward you see that your the only one left and a building far away you see it falling slowly you keep going forward to look for some survivors....but no one was there.....you searched for food water anything that could help you....you found a few bags of food and water.....then a few days or a week later you hear a strange noise then after you go outside to see what it is and it was a military helicopter dozens of them flying all aroud the city looking for people then you try to get their attention they spot you they bring you in then you kept on going to their military base.....after a long ride you arrived at the complexe then right when you got out missiles came firing at the military base everyone was running around you while you kept on your spot as if you weren't there then you tought of your familly thenyou were not sure what was grabing you and didn't see him or "it" then you find yourself in a basement you regain your vision and hearing then when you looked around it was your enemies the enemies from your college who saved you then after a few minutes the bombardment stop and to be continued.....

ps i made the account today just soo i can be able to tell you what i saw...... respond to this plox XD

the story was to long so hears the short version

A sad story of a beutieful kingdom on the brink of war everyone is trying their hardest to avoid it but the enemy seeks to not to destroyed them but to destroyed everthing tha exist because the do not fully exst themselves.


a young woman in a white gown stands upon a stone balcony and stares longingly across the world. in her heart, she can feel her brother, marching to war in the name of their king. bove her, an infant falcon falls from it's nest, and strikes it's body againt the rail by her left hand. slowly, it begins a path to death.
Across teh world, a young man stand in hte front line, on a cold winter morning. in his heart, he can feel his sister, waiting for him, even as he is awaiting the beginging of battle, in the name of his King. the war-drum sounds, and he begins his pace to teh fighting. from above, an arrow streaks smoothly through teh air, whistling as it strikes home, into teh young man's collar.
across teh world, a young woman lifts the injured falcon into her hand, and takes it back to her room. a lady in waiting shrieks as teh young woman lays the bird upon her dresing-table, and begins to bind it's broken wing. teh lady in waiting demands the woman break teh infantile falcon's neck, "to end it's suffering" teh young woman refuses, and keeps the falcon in teh greatest comfort she can find, and names teh falcon after that brother ever on her mind. Ivarr.
Across teh world, a young man is taken from the abandoned field of battle, and into a medic tent. blood from his wound staines the grass, teh soil, the canvas walls. a young doctor purges his stomach at hte sight of so much blood on one man, as his fellows lay the man upon a bed and remove teh arrow from his frail being. the young doctor insists that tehre is nothign to be done for this soilder, and that focus should be put on those that can yet be saved. his fellows refuse, knowing that this soilder is one of teh finest they have. they put him in as much comfot as limited supplies will allow, and bring him ale and bread, hoping only that his would will not infect. teh young doctor takes note of this soilder's name. Ivarr.
Across the world, Night has fallen. into her lady's chambers, a spiteful servant of close contact with her young lady sneeks. in stealth and silence, she makes her way to her mistesses' dressing table, and approaches her beloved, broken Falcon. in one swift motion, teh hellion severs the falcons wing from body, i violent grin upon her bared teeth, blood, spattered upon her dress.
Across teh world, teh sun has long since set. into thesection for invalids, steals a traitorous villan, masquradeing as an ally. from bed to bed, he creeps, until he finds just the one he seeks. before teh sickbed of a valued soilder, he draws a slim and sharpened knife from a hidden pocket. leaning over the young man's body, with a swift and practiced motion, he slices free teh stiches from teh man's still weeping wound, cutting still deeper into his flesh. with a hateful smile, he wipes crimson lifeblood from his bade, and laughs ever quietly, before teh stench and sight of blood overtakes his sences, and he flees from teh room, to once more dispel teh content of his stomach from his mouth.

GAH. there must be over 1000 typos in this thing. but my computer is WAY to slow for trying to catch and fix them to be practical. SO Sorry!

Burning my angel.. hm...

A powerful king seeks to gain his "rightful" place in the throne of heaven, but in his twisted mind sees only hatred on the path to salvation. In a biter and cold effort, he slaughters all within his cities borders, hoping to reach heaven.

The dark are also always the blind.

Eventually, a vengeful and angry god sends a group of angels with black wings, the angels of death, to destroy the king and all under his control. However, he will not go down without a fight, and sends his own, heavily armored men to combat them.

One angel, the youngest, named Celes, is struck down, and they are forced to retreat. Her brother, Nicholas, in a blind rage, seeks to become a human in order to seek vengeance upon the king, and eventually finds it by burning his own wings, and becomes a human.

Some fifteen years later, a mysterious man with what appears to be flames sprouting from his back, enters the king's castle. In sheer anger, he rushes into the king's throne room, and challenges him. The king, knowing that the boy was outmatched, stood, laughing, and unsheathed his sword. The two fight to the death, until the king finds his lung impaled upon Nicholas' sword, and Nicholas' stomach is stabbed as well. Knowing that he would not survive, and neither would the king, he whispered god's true plan to him, chuckling. The king, managing to scream with his last breath, curses god and all of his angels, and Nicholai laughs, knowing that he will again reach heaven.

However, Celes still waits for her brother's return. No, god would not allow him to return. Nay, god had cursed the young angel to eternal life on earth, until he judged him pure once again.

So, the story goes, death escapes the angel of death, and the wicked burn.


i'm a bud of musicalserenity. i checked your profile and i can see that now you two are great artists! congrats!

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