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Here's a very nice Ambient-style remix of Eternity ~Memory of Light and Waves~ from Final Fantasy X-2. This particular theme always gave me a very peaceful, serene sort of vibe, so when I made my version I added lots of ambient bird effects so that it sounds like a garden full of relaxing yet vibrant life and vitality. The music itself is made up of piano, flute, and various other classical orchestra sections.

Please offer up votes and reviews if you like it, and if there's something you don't like, honest feedback is always welcome. Thank you.

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Aw, this is so nice. I love the birds, it totally brings me to FFX Besaid - which I give major bonus points for, since Besaid is a personal favourite track of mine and holds a special place in my heart.

This one is different in that it's a lot more light-hearted than the original track. Its original feeling is what attracted me to the music to begin with, so I'm quite surprised that I find myself in love with this one. I feel like the original is a great introduction to Final Fantasy X-2's story, and this one suits the end result to it quite well! It's very happy-ending in a bittersweet way. Bitter because the story is over, sweet because it ended in a way that leaves us breathing a relief sigh of "finally". It works with the tragic yet wonderful love story that came with the X series.

Great job :)

ChronoNomad responds:

Hmm, well said. This version is a bit less sorrowful and introspective, perhaps...but no less poignant for its more upbeat and retrospective vibe. It was a long journey from start to finish, and while not every adventure can come to such a happy conclusion, this one inevitably could with a little extra hard work and determination.

Many thanks for the review! I truly appreciate your thoughts and comments, not to mention those five shiny little stars. Oh, and since it's just a few hours away...Happy New Year! ^_^

Waves indeed... Waves of tears.

My... I'm so... I can't tell... Tears flowing out of my eyes this arrangement is so...

When I was starting the game, I could let the intro menu for a so long time just to listen to the song... Here... Nostalgia?

I'm so... damn, I can't find a single work in english to express myself xD.

Sorry, this time, I won't say anything... just letting my tears showing themselves.

ChronoNomad responds:

Do be careful--spilling tears onto your keyboard is bound to short it out for certain. Yes, the nostalgia is strong within this piece, and I would often let myself drift to sleep to the title screen music of FFX-2 once upon a time.

I thank you for your heartfelt review. Nothing else need be said.

one of my favorite games

but i thought the birds currently taking residence in my fireplace had found some crak, other than that it was a great piece

ChronoNomad responds:

Too many birds spoil the nest, huh? I guess that's the case here. I'm glad that you could enjoy the Waves and Light in spite of all those crazy Alfred Hitchcock-inspired birds!

Everything's Good in Moderation

That includes bird sounds. It's a good, soothing song, but I have a feeling you might have overdone the birds a bit. Maybe less is more in this case.

ChronoNomad responds:

Yeah, I'm thinking that either making the birds softer or shifting them away from center position with a little stereo magic might help. I suppose I could always cut down on the overall bird effects, but I think that if they're not quite so in-your-face they won't be so bad. :)

I generally don't even play around with much in the way of stereo sound anymore since some folks seem to think it makes the music sound "out of sync" when all they're getting is stereo effect. For this piece (and those darn birds) I may just make an exception.

The Birds!

I both like and dislike the bird sounds included in this theme. I can see myself enjoying this immensely if I was moving my character around a forest setting in a game where the birds would fall under ambient noise. For listening to this while doing other things, the birds seem to distract from the music more than they contribute. I'm curious as to what this would sound like without the birds.

Besides that, awesome job! I like how the piano and harpsicord interact with each other throughout this piece.

ChronoNomad responds:

Heh, I do know what you mean. Some days I like the birds and they really seem to fit, but on other days I find them too distracting from the main melody. If this weren't a Video Game cover it would definitely fall in the Ambient category.

My favorite part lies between the 2:57 and 3:01 marks. The birds are silenced completely - albeit briefly - for a really effective down-tempo effect. I've always been especially proud of that particular transition.

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May 12, 2011
11:08 PM EDT
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