Fighting for Victory

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My first Trailer track is here !! This was really hard work , especially now that I'm in the peak of my exams ... I ended up with about 125 tracks at the end . Just to give you an example - the Brass had about 20-30 tracks . All this was to create a realistic sound, with epic choirs, synths, drums and blasting orchestra :))

Hope you like the way it turned out, and I appreciate any constructive feedback since this is my first track at this level. BTW ... there's still more to come so keep int touch haha :D Thx :))



Short, but Epic

Good job man. Love how you layered in the choir gradually to give that feeling of "rising to the occasion" This would go well with alot of media.
If your not getting paid for sound-tracking work yet, I'm sure you will be one day. you have a great understanding of composure.

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rcvtk responds:

Thx a lot mate. I really appreciate your words, and it seems you understood what i had in my plans ;)
Well, actually I don't know how I can get paid since I do not know anyone yet in this genre... we'll wait and see ;)

Thx again :)


as the night fades away the day begins and ....

the warriors are ready to fight !!! amazing piece so dramatic, make more !!!

rcvtk responds:

Thx a lot !! Dw ... hopefully there 's still more to come :))


Super awesome for your first.

Dude the very instant I heard the beat kick in, I abandoned all I was doing and started this review :D. Seriously, this sounds so cool and extremely impressive for your first shot at Trailer. It's one of my favourite genres so it's pretty standard for me to like it. I have some issues with this, which is why you didn't get the 10/10, but you know that's just because I'm too critical ;D. So yep, excellent work!

I'll start with the fact that the quality of this is just out of this world. It's not just the superb quality of the instruments which you use, but the amount of detail you put into this track is incredible. I mean I'm pretty much your age and I can easily realise that the detail you incorporated in this track is extraordinary for someone just 15 years old.

The little acid synth/arp thingy that comes in at around 0:21 was such a nice and intricate touch, and I'm hearing plenty of detail incorporated in each instrument. Drum fills, subtle changes in the background harmonies, and even that small snare roll at the end. I can tell you paid particular attention in giving every sound its own personality and its own important role in the track. Even for a song which is just a minute and a half long, this probably took a while to complete.

The sounds themselves, like I said, are nice and high-quality (not that I don't expect it from you :P). Everything sounds so nice and blended in together very well - I especially like the blend of the synth, drums and brass. Then you add a guitar and I'm like "what next, a kazoo???". Seriously you've got such a wonderful blend of instruments which are taken from completely different genres. It's really what defines a good and original Trailer track in my opinion.

The composition is nice, albeit a bit generic. I've heard similar chords, rhythms and melodic structure in a lot of other Trailer tracks, but thankfully you drive the song down your own way by adding all sorts of other sounds such as the synth and guitar. Also, the harmonies were great, so no complaining there.

Now for one thing which I didn't quite like that much in this submission, which is part of the reason I gave you a 9 and not a 10. This almost sounds like three different tracks put together - the calm and brief ambient intro, the main part and the outro at 1:10. The thing is, the transitions between each section aren't as good as I would've hoped.

The transition at 0:20 was decent, although I expected you to do some much more with it rather than just introduce the second part. I'm talking a drum fill, high violin notes to increase the tension, and any other cool effects you can think of. Or maybe, try to make a bigger contrast between the intro and the second section, with a bit more silence in-between, such as in this song at about 0:34 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iu-WA HBbW8 (don't forget to remove the space NG adds). Also, the transition where you move on to the outro could've been a lot smoother too. That being said, the transitions inside each section (especially the introduction of the guitar) were great.

Now for my second complaint - this track seems to be lacking in power (in terms of production/mixing). Firstly, it's a tad too quiet - taking a look at the waveform will give you a good idea if you need to turn the song up a little without it peaking/clipping. Secondly I feel as though this could do with some more raw power and the drums are lacking in this department.

The snare sounds weak and tinny, and the kick could do with some more bass. You can even add some tom drums or taikos to help give the power that this track needs, because I feel as if the melodic part of the song is far too powerful for the weaker drums that this song features. Still, the beat itself was AWESOME and the drums were the right sound too - they just could benefit from a bit of EQing to give them some more power...

Anyway, keep up the great work, the song overall is really enjoyable! Hope you're doing well with those exams too. Can't wait till they end - they've sucked the life out of us :(.

-Review Request Club-

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rcvtk responds:

As always , your reviews are the best help and feedback I can receive. Thx for all your compliments, and I was thinking of using a kazoo ensemble haha :D But it took me enough time to build this up, as you said so, especially to make it sound totally realistic.

About your constructive critiscm : I agree with you that more emphasis on the transitions should have been done, and I will try to work on it in my next tracks ;) About the mixing : I must say that it really was my decision. It's just that I didn't want to blast the sound and make it sound too loud ... just wanted to make it sound "neat and clear". But maybe next time I will make it a bit more blasting haha :DD

About the drums: I didn't want to add a lot of reverb on it since it wouldn't have blended so well in the song. Obviously it's the first time I'm using a drumkit in my songs, so you're the expert and EQing is surely the best suggestion :))

Thx a lot steph, hope you're doing well in exams haha and let's make this summer our music hit season !! :DD


Can't wait to hear more!

Well done, I thought. I like the laser guitar sound - it plays nice with the mix!

rcvtk responds:

Thx ... I agree with you haha about the guitar :)) Thx again and keep in touch for more :))


This is Epic....... :)

The sun is about to rise above the horizon, two armies of destruction prepared for battle. The battle for supremacy is about to begin, the leaders gave the order to "CHARGE!!!" Every soldier did duty to protect their kingdom. As the sun was positioned in the middle of the sky the whole valley was illuminated. They both showed to no mercy, their souls torn apart by pure destructions and betrail, the battlefield run red not of blood But REVENGE. One soldier survived, set to Destroy the traitor who set two peaceful kingdoms on a collision course of destruction. The Soldier vowed "The soldiers who fought for honour shall not die in vain, I will succeed in my mission and I Shall not rest until my 'Sword of light' pierces the traitors flesh, My fellow soldier I will not fail you, I AM FIGHTING FOR YOUR VICTORY!!!!!"

Overall Awesome song..... Well Done


rcvtk responds:

WOW :O haha :D Your story is so imaginative ... I really like it haha :)) Thx for your feedback and rating, and keep in touch for more :)) Thx :D


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