Guardame Las Vacas

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Guardame Las Vacas was originally written for Vihuela by Luis de Narvaez. (1500 - 1555)*

It was one of the popular songs included in the sets of diferencias (Variations) written by Luis de Narvaez. and also, It is part of Luis's collection of tablatures Los seys libros del Delphin de música de cifra para tañer vihuela published at Valladolid in 1538. The Collection includes a huge number of instrumental fantasias, Romances, Villancicos, and diferencias.

This time I rearranged the original music. I want it to sound like familiar but new. So I made the orchestra to accompany the solo guitar.

This goes out to a sweet girl, a girl who is very Dear to me. Who every time we meet never fails to asked me to play this piece for her. This is for her. I am hoping I can reach her through this track. And if it happens that she discovered this via web I hope that she'll like it as much or much more than I do.


Latin sounding guitar

The Latin sounds of the guitar work really well from the start and blending the woodwind in with it really does give a lovely mellow, yet passionate vibe to the piece. The shimmering sounds to welcome you in make me thing of a time gone by, possibly some sort of Medieval period, when they weren't busy killing one another.

I'm not a fan of the cymbal roles, as if you listen carefully, the first note gets cut off in its prime and the next one comes in. This is not how a cymbal being struck in the natural environment would sound.

The guitar solo is very nice and it bosses the piece, though I think that perhaps having the solo come along without the backing might be the best way forward.

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masheenH3ad responds:

Hello! Coop,

Thanks for giving a very intricate yet straight forward review. I am very pleased to know that you really take some of your time to review my work. All of your suggestions are written down and will be taken into my consideration.

Thank you very much!

Chill from the start

I really love the chill guitar tone, and overall ambiance of this piece. The orchestral instruments are also a great touch, I really loved the sound of just about all of these; except for some of the percussion instruments.

The classical elements of this composition really showed through, and I really enjoyed the mixing of your instruments as well; very soft and clean. :D

Things to look at:
- I felt like the drums/ percussive instruments in this song could have used a bit more power behind them
- The horn samples used in this song were rather plain, and kind of fake sounding
- Your crash sample in this song really bugged me a lot; I would definitely change that

Overall, not a bad submission by any means.
Actually quite nice :)
~Dj Sonik

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masheenH3ad responds:

I want to thank you for giving some of you time to give my work a very wonderful review. I read all of your suggestions and rest assured that I will take it all into my consideration.

I am glad that you liked it! Thank you so much!


This sounds very rich and calming in context and makes you feel really calm as well while you hear the tune. Kind of sounds like it would be something playing after being in a very long and enduring battle against something wanting you dead too. Very calm piece of work.

The violins in the back sound very nice and give that calm feel as if something nice may happen soon and you hope that things never go bad again and if they do that they won't be as bad as what had happened.

The guitar is also very nice and I like the sound of it. What kind is it anyways?

The trumpets give a very dynamic feel as if something epic was happening here. The drums are grand and sound very rich in sound too. I like that. Then the tambourine was a nice touch to hear I think.

Overall, very epic and dynamic sounding piece.

Review Request Club

Lovely Piece of Music

I just love the strings assisting the guitar along with the flutes, and oboes! Really great Job. It sounds really good, I love it. Keep up the good work :)

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masheenH3ad responds:

Thank you very much Nicksmall94. Being appreciated is always awesome! :) Thanks for your brief but straight to point review. Now my work is downloadable.

Once Again thank you so much! - Paul Adrian

Nicely done.

Nicely arranged. The mix of textures seems spot-on, and the source material is great so the piece flows well.

In terms of audio production, I feel that the guitar should take a more emphasized place in the foreground, as it is the focus of the piece and drives everything forward, while the orchestral elements are behind it and "lifting it up" so to speak.

In terms of the musical arrangement, as I said before I feel the choice of textures and orchestration is effective. Nothing feels out of place here and it flows smoothly, accenting the solo guitar piece to nice effect. However, I think a lot more could have been done than simply doubling the chords and melodies behind the guitar - perhaps some contrapuntal melody lines, some interesting harmonies with the guitar parts instead of always doubling, and perhaps use of more articulations than mostly legato playing in the orchestral instruments to give a new feel to the piece, and exercise the variety available with the additional instruments.

Hope this is all helpful!

Overall I definitely enjoyed it and it's a pity the zero bombers have trashed the score - voted 5 to help you back up!

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masheenH3ad responds:

Hello! Nick,

I want to thank you for taking some of your time to give my work an awesome review.

Regarding the score, these numbers means nothing to me as long as I can share my pieces/musical work and get to know what my listeners think about it I couldn't ask for more! :)

Your pointers are very helpful. Rest assured I will take it all into my consideration. My listeners opinions are very dear to me. :)

And also thanks for backing me up! I really appreciated it. Thank you so much!
- Paul Adrian

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