Victorious Tragedy

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Was originally intended to be the music before final boss, but accidentally made it sound like the real ending. Victorious and a bit tragic at the same time. A simple solo concerto for trumpet



Nice melody! Towards the beginning (00:25 to 0:42) you have the violins under the trumpet interleaved with a different pattern, but for the rest of the song, the violin sound follows the trumpet melody exactly. I particularly liked the violins departing from the main melody - offering a counterpoint - and was hoping it would go back to something similar but perhaps even more emphasized at the end of the song.

Great work!

Truely Victorious... :)

What do we have here, a song that has been created by person with the imagination of pure epicness.

Mythical fighter returns from a mission that they regret they accomplished it, with the death of someone they loved.

Mythical fighter:

"Why did accept the mission? I knew there would be risks, but I chose the decision of my Heart." The fighter goes into a deep thought, of why it happened. The Fighter was battling the remaining leader of the Shadows. "You shall pay for what you have done to the kingdom of the "Seven Blades, with your power of evil that has swept across this land"The fighter drawed out his sword of light. "Choose your words wisely Boy, I am Immotal you can do nothing." The Fighter saw an opening in the shadow leader's defence during the battle. Dark blood pour out of the slash wound of the leader,"You said you were immortal, but still you bleed." As the Fighter was going to end it all with a final blow, the shadow leader inner power increase rapidly and in his hand he was holding the Princess of Seven Blades. "No, let her go she is not part of this matter" The fighter dropped down to his knees. "Now you will see the power of the shadows" A dark orb surrounded the princess as she screamed for help. As the spell was completed the Leader's form vanished, yet the princess was possessed with Red eyes staring at the fighter. "Now you see I always win, taking the form of people that others care for, as for you You will witness your precious princess soul to be mine forever. There was a brief moment the Fighter could the princesses voice. "If you truely love me........ take me life. No...I can't. You must...... to save me, will see each other again when the time is right. A tear ran down the fighter's face as he drew out his sword once more. The leader was not aware of what was going to happen. The Fighter charge toward the Leader with White flame rushing out of sword. The sword entered the princess's body as this occured the Leader's Soul was destroyed. The Fighter held the princess in his arm, and for the last moment she spoke "You done have well, you did your duty as soldier of the five blades, for that I am proud......... Good bye...... The Fighter held her close when she was gone, tear of sorrow run down the fighters face. With flash of lightning and the rumble of thunder the Fighter end it all by taking his own life for doing the duty of his Kingdom. A Price to pay for any Hero

Overall Epic and powerful song you have created here. Well done



Truly incredible. Please make more.

michellellao responds:

thanks a lot!

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