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Was a work in progress. Wont get finished any time soon though, as I've lost this song due to a computer crash.



Definitly a good dubstep track you got here. Great ideas and a very good execution on all levels. Love the samples you used.

But the first thing i think needs work is the drums. The drum samples you used are rough and dont do your track much justice and they need to be better EQed to sound more professional.

The second thing i noticed is that your wobbles are well done in concept, but need more effects and compression. You should try messing around with an EQ on there and using fruity shaper and stereo enhancer. Also a bigger sidechain to the snare and kick would help i do think.

Either way, you have all the right key elements, i just think you need more refining. I hope to hear what you come up with next.

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I suppose this piece is alright. The overall beat seems a beat off touch but it still sounds cool anyways. Kind of makes me think of some old retro side scrolling shooter anyways.

The "ughhh" voice was cool anyways. Also "propane" is kind of funny I guess even though I don't care much for Hank Hill on his show anyways. The drums were cool here. I liked how spaced out the synths sounded here as well, kind of made you feel like zoming out for some reason or another.

The dub sounds were good and pretty cool anyways. The beat coming together is kind of like a very weird boss song that is still awesome anyways.

Overall, crazy, :D

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Somethings' missing.

When i first started listening to this, I just kept thinking to myself "something is missing!...But what?"

Didn't think to hear a cameo from Hank Hill throughout it xD It was a surprise, and it was...pleasant. I think.

I say work on it more, like you plan on, and I'm sure you'll get high rates.

Good job!

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Kayoszx responds:

Haha, It was a work in progress and I was planning on doing a lot more to the track - but the computer I used to make it along with the rest of my songs crashed without warning, and since I didn't back my files up - I lost errythaang :(
So this song's never gonna get finished unfortunately, but hopefully I'll be writing and recording new songs by this summer :D

Not bad

I liked the intro, it built up theme well and was pretty simple, I think the drop could be a little bit heavier, it didn't seem very heavy compared to the intro and that's normally what you want to have happen. . .

I think the drums were ok, but I'd try to put either a reversed cymbal or a reversed snare to build up to the snare hit on the downbeat of each measure, it's a really neat effect and I think it would add a bit to the drums.

The second drop should have been switched up a little bit to keep the song interesting. Rather than just repeating what you did earlier you switch it up some and keep your listener interested all the way through.

I'd also enjoy a submelody under the wobbles, either as a bass or as a higher pitched instrument to keep progressing it forward

Very good for a WIP and I'm looking forward to a finished version!


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nicely done, but I seem to miss something. Iget bored a bit whit some parts and get excited over other parts.

Kayoszx responds:

Haha, well, that's because I still have more to add :P
It's not completely finished yet, I still have a lot more to play around with on this track. Don't worry about being bored, it'll be a lot more exciting when it's fully finished ;P

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May 4, 2011
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