H.T.W.L - my mic

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he's an eloquent negro... he's spent too long in school to be grunting back at you:)


You fucker!

Fucking catchy ass track!

The first time I listened to this I wrote a review - (I have no idea what happened to it! I must have shut down that window) anyways, I had mentioned that the only problem I had with it was the levels on the lyrics - Anyways - I downlaoded this and I've listened to it several times since then - This is an awesome track - if you could bring up the volume just a half a hair on the main vocals this would be the dogs bollocks!

Fantastic song - great beat to it - the music is outstanding - I really dig the vocals - they're a little knackered but I think that lends a certain charm to them that I just love.

I wish this style would catch on and take hold -

fantastic work on what is currently at the top of my fovarite NG tracks list.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

there are bunch more sitting on my HD with
russ on vox, some great stuff lurking, shame all the vocals sound rough, my production skills lick balls more than you lick balls.
lick balls

cool again

cracking beat going on, the production work is awesome, just slightlty let down by the vocal clarity, which is damn shame as theyre great lyrics.

your definately in my books a a fave now.

damn quality shit going on.


snoballandthmonyshot responds:

wow, some1 can actually hear the lyrics, good job:)

This is one that I don't really like

Hi again Pedro. I guess no one reviews this one because they're a bit scared... I dunno. But to be honest I really don't like this one. I dunno if it is the low file quality again or that you can't really figure out the lyrics... but there are a few things that I think that are not blending properly like the voice (though I think it doesn't suit in this song) with the rest of the sounds and rhythm - it seems a bit like it was glued after everything was already set in one audio file. I don't like some of the effects... But perhaps because (again) of the low file quality... I do like the main synth sounds! Those are really good. I like the beats but the transition to a faster beat wasn't that successful. I think the other sounds could have helped more (and also the voice but let’s quite on kicking it down). Anyway, compared to most songs this a very good effort... the problem is we're now used to the way you do things and how great you can do ;)

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

hey dude,
thanks for your review, much appreciated.
the production is pretty shocking on all of the heckling stuff we've done. I didn't spend too much time on them as they are only demos and we plan to get rid of the computer entirely and make it all live... if we ever manage to get a band together:P
thanks again,

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3.90 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2006
8:20 AM EST
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