B7 - Riffy Metal Song

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Not to be confused by "Yiffy Metal Song", which I may actually write simply because I think it would be funny. How I would do that though is another matter entirely.

So yeah. It's been a while. I have like upwards of 12 unfinished projects on my computer and pretty much NO time to do any of them. So I just kinda said "Fuck it!" (again) and started to halfassedly mix/master the stuff that I have.

This is just a collection of random riffage that basically means nothing. I'm not even gonna lie this time and say "I might lay vocals on this" because I fucking won't. What I will do is continue to work on the other 80 million (That's not an estimation, that's an exact number) songs I have half-finished on my computer.


Oh yeah. I forgot I'm gonna start whoring up my Facebook.

http://www.facebook.com/p ages/Burn7/11958223472248 7 (Just remove the spaces!)

So just check that shiz out and 'like' me if you want. You'll get random, occasionally funny posts from me. Also, more music. Much, much more music. And most of it will be more awesome than this song. Even though this song is decently cool.



ima big dubstep listener so im not just gonna stand up here and critique ur song btw its great and i love stuff like this gets u pumped at 40 secs when it drops to bout 50 secs... cool


yeah....i like a lot the thermallaser songs...but i like yours at the same way,you know...i'm the boy that pushes on the havy metal music list"date" and listen all the tracks :D


There is nothing I can say to this but "PURE AWESOMENESS!" I love instrumentals, because lot's of the lyrics in the Audio Portal songs sound cheesy. And also because they are creative. In regular songs, lyrics are the only thing that changes the verses. In instrumentals you must make a whole new riff, or solo to go along with the rhythm, bass, and drums. This number is excellent, and I even think I'll Put it on my iPod. Thank you for contributing to newgrounds with this purley awesome music. \m/ >_< \m/

More than &quot;decently cool&quot;

Feel those guitars! :P I do wish it was longer, because this has a great sound to it, and stays catchy throughout (especially the last minute). But hey, if you do have 80 million songs to work on, then that's good for us fans, means a shitton of awesomeness will be coming ;)

Really cool.

And if you play in backwards and speed it up it sounds kind of hardcore.
Anyway, great job!

Burn7 responds:

Lol what? I'm listening to it like that right now. It sounds interesting, that's for sure. But I can't say it sounds really hardcore.

But then again when I think of hardcore I think "Asking Alexandria" or something akin to that. And this wasn't really meant to be like that. Even though I love shit like that :D

Thanks for the review!

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May 4, 2011
9:51 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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