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This song is indeed a VERY memorable trip through a
portion of my life in the year 2008. This song like a lot
of my more recently uploaded music Yes--does in
fact have lyrics written to it but this is the music alone soo...

The deep pumping drum is the driving force of this song and
although this song is certainly what some may call "Electro"
or "Electronic influenced New Wave" I simply call this song a
song in the "TIGER M" "Dance-Quirk Library" named "Deep Wave!"

Boom! BNoom! Boom! Boom-Boom-Boom! BOOM! ^_^

The low end is not the only driving factor in this MASSIVE track
as the "backwards effect" on the guitar gets some people groovin'!
The "constant dance" [as I like to call it =3] of the electric synth has
actually been setup to be synced to movement in the video once it's
done but since those ideas began back in 2008--it will probably be a
HUGE production once it has been completed and presented ^_^
[As the wise man said... "We Will See =3]

The "Sonic Face" for this song [that is the graphic image =)] was
actually just put together this year by yours truly and that dog in
the picture is actually a "Neighborhood Hero" within the small city
I grew up in in Albany, Georgia. ^_^ His name is "Midnight" and in
that picture he is probably SERIOUSLY upward of 110 years old in
Dog years. lol. He belongs to the Mayor of the city [well he is now =3]
who happens to be the man who aided our delivery into this world--
me, my younger brother, and my younger sister =)

His name is Dr. Willy Adams and his dog Midnight pretty much has
a pact [even to this day as of this writing] with the neighborhood! ^_^

He doesn't stay on a leash, in a cage, on a chain or anything. He is friendly
[most of the time ^^;] and has been given the true freedom many dogs may
crave as he walks freely about the neighborhood, people who know him
feed him treats--sometimes like--steaks and meals specially prepared for
Midnight! O.O Some PEOPLE don't get that treatment! XD He got "Milkbones"
from my parents who sometimes would purchase them with Midnight in mind =]

Midnight has been struck by a car--he's dealt with heart worms before
and has even had a bout with [and lesson from!] a HUGE neighborhood cat
who taught Midnight to yelp and run each time he saw cats afterward! XD

No kidding on that. =3
Talk about Dog vs. Cat ^_^

Thus far Midnight has been yet to pass from this world and on to the
text and I wanted to "immortalize him" in the sonic face of this song as
one of my fondest recent day memmories. =) Took that picture myself
the last time I visited my hometown. Simple "Verizon Wireless Voyager"
camera cell phone but it came out so very well! =)

The other two pictures were taken the same way. =)

Back to the music. =3

I surely hope you will enjoy this song and ROCK WORLDS and enjoy
all that which life has to offer. =) The song itself is a song of memories
good and challenging and when the lyrics are recorded [FINALLY] for this
song as vocals--I will also release the Full Vocal Version here as well. =)

Until then, please enjoy this "Deep Wave" "Dance-Quirk" song! =D
And by the way... yes those noises in there are me acting silly into
a microphone and it did indeed become part of the track! XD
Another good memory! =3 Hopefully this song will aide you to
"Just You Remember" great memories too! =D If not... sorry! XD

If so! Glad to be of service! ^_~

Stay rockin' and LIVE Your LIFE! =D
"Just You Remember!"

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-DJ, Writer, Artist, Musician, Eternal Student & Being of Existence, TIGER M
[Able-To! Sunday! \O/~YAY!] ^_^
-9:49 PM (5/1/2011) [Eastern Standard Time, The Biding House, U.S.A.]

Angel Arc & Company


"This song is indeed a VERY memorable trip through a portion of my life in the year 2008."

Were you stuck in some sort of teleportation displacement?

TigerM responds:

Who knows? =o

Thank You for listening in Aebeatia Sookies!
Also thank you for reading the description. =)

Glad you enjoyed the track! =)
Stay Awesome and Stay True To You!

-WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*

Song is pretty good, but has weird sounds...

First, I think cutting out the space between 0:48 and 1:00 might make a pretty big difference in its flow. Even though the intro is cool, I honestly lost interest at 0:48 until I skipped ahead farther. From then on, it flows pretty nicely until 3:36, where you unfortunately have a pretty weird sound... Maybe some people will like it, but it kind of takes away a big chunk of professionalism to me... So, take out those horrible noises and you're great! Cheers!

TigerM responds:

Thank You for listening in m8! =3
Stay remarkable and glad you enjoyed the track =)

-WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*

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