Ultraviolet Rays

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Yeah, this is another upbeat song that I made. Wasn't sure if I should put any other genre, so I put it as Dance. I varied a lot on the synths & made sure everythin' sounded equalized well enough to sound good. This song is recommended with headphones for a better listenin' experience of bass. I also got kinda bored so I decided to make this just today. Longer then expected, I still like it a lot & I hope you do too! Pleez rate, review, & download

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Great job

Has the dancy touch to it! =P

Stavier responds:

Yeah, I tried doin' that, upbeat & happy is where my dance songs go to.


I think I like this because it sounds like it is from a video game or something. The only problem I see with this is it has no direction. For such a long song I expected some kind of evolution. It was just different or added variations to the same tune. but other than that, had a good beat and very clean sounding.

Stavier responds:

To be honest, I never expected this song to be as long as it is, it just was. Yeah, it kinda does have like a retro feel. Thanx for the review.

nice oldschool vibe

Nice pad, nice beat, nice everything

Stavier responds:

Thanx you very much :D

Great :D

I followed your account after you reviewed my song, i checked out your newest one "Element Of Dreams" and decided not too review it because everybody else had already said exactly what i was going too, anyways this song was great :D Loved the pads at the beggining, the only problem i had for the intro was the bassy kick that you used at the start before your main lead came in kind of overpowered the pads, but no points taken off for that because it only lasted a couple of seconds, and then your main lead kicked in and OMG i loved that :D Great main lead, theres not much else i can criticise because unlike rainwave i was bothered by the repetativeness but not too much because you made it sound sooo good, what i found in your songs is when you find a good melody you stick with it throughout your whole song, which would be fine if it where a loop but most of your songs go for about 2-5 mins and i suggest definetly trying to find ways to mix it up and make it unique, so the listener doesnt get bored and skip it, you want too keep the listener throughout the whole song.
Still overall great effort, keep it up :D 9/10 5/5

Stavier responds:

Yeah, I decided for the pad at the begginin' to be at low volume then raise cuz it had resonance in it. I did like the main lead too, that's the whole structure of this song. Yeah, I like to at least try to change melody, but then again I did get bored & just made this song for fun so I never thought I'd get like 4 reviews :D I'm guessin' you either accidently gave this a 10 or meant to put 10/10 & thanx for reviewin'


Great beat, nice melodies, and a whole lot of happiness! :D
I wasn't bothered by the repetitiveness at all.
Like omega said, a slight bit of bass wouldn't make it worse, a nice and simple electro-ish bass, or just a simple offbeat one would do. Don't try to make it too loud, smooth and subtle would do fine in this song, because it already sounds rather finished without bass.
Anyway, the song is great, the melodies are really nice, and the happymeter was reaching it's limit.
This will be one for my favourites :D
5/5, DL

Stavier responds:

Wow, thanx you very mcuh. I'm glad I got bored & made this one for one. I'll see what I can do about the bass. I'm tryin' to get more of that upbeat feel & when I'm done with my next Dance song, it's gonna be upbeat to the extreme. Thanx again for reviewin' & favoriting it.

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May 1, 2011
5:59 AM EDT
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