The great escape

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I really enjoyed making the guitar loop from the fl slayer plugin


Heh thanks dude.

These songs, I've realized over the past year- I've mellowed out a lot, Heh. These songs though as I can continue; They kinda touch something in the 'heart' and I just cant stop listening, its good work of course and it deserves to be shared with more people. Anyways I thank you for giving me these to download, and enjoy. I dont even know if you post to NG anymore but hell, I do enjoy the works. Have a wonderful live man, and thanks for the gifts, at least thats what I see them as. I'm not sure why I talk like this anymore heheh. 10/10 from Sig, enjoy your life whilst you can =)

Redse7en responds:

Omg... Don't talk like that to me! Heh, I'm still around and stuff and trying to formulate and perfect my new style for 2008. I've been very busy for a while now having to work at my new job at BMW and get through the remainder of my college classes to get my degree. Man I wish you didn't post on this song however cause I only get a chance to check the reviews on my newest songs. I make music every now and then but since my style is moving out to the more experimental area (and I'm still practicing it) I don't really get a chance to finalize songs that are post worthy. Please give me a message on AIM or something (my SN is Red7dj) and drop me a line. Ill send you some of my newest experiments for your enjoyment and maybe you can modivate me to keep writing music :) I havent been on my computer for the past two weeks due to my video card blowing out but in a few days my new card should have arrived via ground UPS and then ill be rocking again. Ive been having other problems as well with the new version of Fruity Loops and my sound card; then the issue with my DJ headphones I've used for the past four years dying on me. Through all that though I wanna keep persueing my music and keeping your ears glued on my work. PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE OR DROP A LINE ON MY AIM OR SOMETHING. I dont want ppl to think I'm gone or leaving.

Justin Powell - BMW of Sterling

Awesome song

This song is great. I'm very particular about which artists I listen to on the Newgrounds Audio Portal, but you've quickly become one of them! Congrats on a good song. Hope you keep them coming for a long time.

Redse7en responds:

I very much appreciate this compliment. I enjoy to make a few heads turn when they hear what I have to offer. I actually was checking out the audio part of newgrounds for about a year and a told myself that they have very little thats like my stuff, and how I'd love to one day put my songs on here. Well here I am! Im also interested if you all put these songs on your mp3 players! That would make me feel great.


That is really amazing. I gave like all your stuffs 5.00 becouse they Deserve it. I really like your stuff. Good job slicing the drumloop, its perfect. Only thing you gota do is work on your mastering. Eq it a little better and you got a great pice of work. Keep it up man! You really do got some awsome stuff here.

~Feral Blade

Redse7en responds:

Well you know I'm still checkin out your work. You seem to have much potential.

Very awesome!

I have no idea why this has such a low score... could it be you've already been attacked by the onslaught of 0 voters!!!

Heh, it seems so, fear not my friend, we are all bitten by said people.

I will do my best to counter them ^^.

I really liked the melody in this piece, though I feel the slayer could have been made a bit louder, it makes for good ambient like this, but to have it UP AND GOING like your drumbeat seems to suggest, it should be louder...

however when the guitar solo kicks in, thats perfect volume, that statement before was directed to the first time you introduced the slayer instrument (I could be wrong maybe its not even slayer).

Sorry if that was a confusing X_x.

still 5/5 from me again Redse7en, great stuff, keep it coming.

Redse7en responds:

Thanks! This piece was indeed experimental when I first started it. I didn't think it would sound good in the end. The fl_slayer plugin was a bit hard to control at times but after much tweaking I got a nice guitar in there. Well don't worry I'm not done with this one yet... I intended the songer to be longer.


lovin that beat!! sounds like a sample though.. but still nice!!!

Redse7en responds:

Hehe understandable. The beat is from Magix Music Maker 10 Deluxe. I bought it thinking I would actually use it more than fruity loops but instead I find myself making beats from time to time on there then exporting it to FL.

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Jan 27, 2006
2:38 PM EST
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