Razor Hail

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I really wanted to get a nice ugly bass for this song with lots of distortion. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that with out drowning out the rest of the mix with a combination of fuzz and clipping. I want to work on getting a metal sound out of electronic music, but honestly I don't think I have the capability at this point. If anybody has any suggestion to get a fuller bass with good distortion and how to get a heavy mix, I'm all ears.

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Laser Show!

I could hear this playing in the background of one of those really rocky concerts, with the lasers everywhere, and the crowd looking crazy! ^-^ I'm not that kind of person, more of the one nerdy girl listening on from youtube.

Nice stuff!

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LightKeeper responds:

That's alright, we can't all go to live shows then t'd be way too crowded. :P

Glad you liked it though.


Sounds like something you would see at one of those weird stage shows I guess. Also sounds like a death metal song with the guitar replaced wit ha synth which is funny and cool I suppose. This one turned out strangely cool though so that was a pleasure anyways.

The synth is very cool and high toned and pitched here. Kind of makes me think this would be an excellent boss stage song to use actually. The bass line sound very fat here and loud which is sweet. The drums provide the last piece and have an excellent pace with them. Really enjoyed the double bass parts too. The voice near the start was cool I guess.

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LightKeeper responds:

Thanks, like I said working on a lot of "experimental" stuff right now. Just trying to find a sound I like and trying to master my techniques so I can really make something "mind blowing." This isn't it, but it's a step forward. I've actually heard the idea for this as boss music before, and I think that'd be pretty awesome.

Thanks for the review!

Not bad!

I liked the intro, it was pretty calm, but it let you know that there was going to be some energy in the song. Your "scream" sounded a little bit like you whispered it but it did it's job well enough. . .

It seemed like the whole song was just a little bit lighter than you might have intended, as far as getting a "heavier" sound my only advice would be to add a compresser to the bass you want so you can amplify it a bit more, or maybe you just need a better synthesizer, I can recommend some good ones if you want.

The drums weren't too bad overall and helped build some energy to the song.
I liked some of the panning you had with them it was really nice

The song overall was pretty repetitive, but you added a fair amount of effects and drops and calm parts, so you kept it pretty interesting.

The guitars reminded me a bit of doom at time, which is awesome, doom had a great soundtrack! :P

Overall not too bad, a little repetitive but I liked the song overall. . .


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LightKeeper responds:

Thanks a lot. I'd be interested in whatever synths you'd have to offer. Right now the best option for this system is 3xOSC so my computer doesn't lag but when I upgrade I'd love to be able to get a deeper sound. I don't remember if I put a compressor on the bass, but I know I did layer it with quite a few different oscillators with different setting and distortion. The scream was whispered, but initially I just through that in there to work some form of vocal mixing. I agree about the repetitiveness as well, but I think that might have happened with my desire to add some form of dynamics to the song. I didn't quite get the noise level I want, but it's a start.

Thanks for the review!


This song is a bit too electric, if you get my drift. Going over the song, I feel like the same song a little less fuzzy would've been more interesting - I'm a huge fan of metal, so I definitely have a bias.

Altogether, the song does work. The electronic additions make the song fit with itself. I would certainly like to see a metal song from you, if you think you can do it; I'm sure you can. If some of this doesn't make a ton of sense, please excuse me - I don't review audio much.

LightKeeper responds:

I get what you're saying, don't worry. I really wish I could produce a metal song, produce being the key word. I have no trouble writing metal music, but I can't play guitar so I'm kind of out there. I really wanted to get the bass distorted and heavy enough to a point where I could create metal out of electronic music. My biggest influence in combining the genres comes from a song by Rig called I Love Madness Day.

(See: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/174091)

If he produced more music like that, that'd be absolutely amazing. But really, he's captured a sound that I want to achieve with a short song. I think I'd definitely be able to make something that appealed more to your taste and more to mine. Maybe when I upgrade my set up in a few years as well, might even help with losing some of the fuzz.

Anyway, thank you for the review.

Sorry bro but..

Whatever you were going for here was far from drum & bass, maybe if noise-core was your direction, it'd be fitting. If you want to make a drum and bass track, try focusing more on the actual drums and the bass, and everything else should be subtle, and I use that word strongly.

LightKeeper responds:

It crosses over to the genre. I'm really limited on what I can call things here on newgrounds, and the fact that you rate something based on genre shows how immature your interpretation of music really is. Maybe if you tried focusing on the actual composition and less on just the drums and bass, "bro".

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Apr 25, 2011
6:47 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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