Bust A Groove

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This is some old-school Techno from the similarly old-school Playstation game, Bust a Groove. The game was released back in 1998, and I actually did this remix in early 2000...so it's pretty old, too. Nevertheless, this is some good stuff, and if anyone here has actually ever played the game they would know how awesome the game truly was. This particular piece is a remix of the Kitty-N (a.k.a. Kitty Nakamura) stage theme, but it was also like the main theme of the game since it was given the same title in the North American release.

Before Dance Dance Revolution, there was Bust a Groove. You could say that it paved the way for games like DDR, Guitar Hero, and so on because it really was one of the first of its kind. There was no dance pad, but the game itself relied on rhythmically pushing the right buttons on the controller on the beat, as well as facing off against an opponent with attack moves and dodging their own attempts to take you down. The music and gameplay are legendary, and the game itself has an enormous cult following.

Well, I don't really expect you to have ever played - or even heard of - Bust a Groove, but I do hope that you'll give it a solid listen. It would be great if you liked it, especially considering that this is older, archived stuff from when I was just getting started. If you dig the jam, please consider voting, reviewing, and all that jazz. That's it from me; I'm out.



makes you to.... well.... bust a groove, kind of reminded me of the short loop fyat rave

ChronoNomad responds:

Bust that groove! *dances*

Guess That's It

Proof that you don't even need to KNOW what a game is, or have ever heard about it, in order to love the songs from it and remixes of said songs.

ChronoNomad responds:

The proof is in the pudding! Er...music. The real shame is that Bust A Groove 2 for the PS2 sucks by comparison. The game doesn't generally make the music, but the music can really make the game.

Oh very nice!

Reminds me of some TUnes from the MegaTen Games ( Persona 3, Devil Summoner)

wich is kinda nice and funny. It sounds so tempting yet wild. Cool Tune :3

ChronoNomad responds:

Interesting. I never really thought about it sounding like MegaTen music, but I can see how you could make the connection. Glad you dig the jam, and thanks for the groovy review! :D

I like it :D

It's REALLY good, Only thing is that it could be louder.

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks for reviewing, and it's nice to see that someone likes it and won't just zero bomb it out of spite. Hooray for you! :)

Did you try cranking up your master volume or listening through headphones? An awesome speaker system (like I don't have) would help, too. Thanks again for showing some love!

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