GDSK:Sky's The Limit

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GreenDolphinStreetKids all on one track for you and them hah (uNem)

Renegade V1


Epitome(Produced Beat)V3

Mixed by both Billy and Epi

I just spit nuggas fuck all that bullshit

Complicated charismatic cool collective cats
collaborate it's automatic to create these tracks
we kick it for the reals kids come feel this
it's illness wrapped up in realness
It's expected that you steal this

Ya'll stay a day late my mindstate ain't payrate
not faithbased it's breakchains, I'll take snakes
replay takes to slay fakes and their dismay tapes

The names Renegade the epitome of lyricism
with a UseLessTalent I've come to speak with wisdom
Personal politics, yo fuck the system
if illterate kids don't follow this
don't fuckin kick it with them

GreenStreet uNem
Billy P. Epi
We keep it real on these beats....


time to top the tyranny, we got em in check
they dumb beats get wrecked, we connect
to complete the trinity. fresh shit
u nigs coming up and getting dumped on ur best shit
my nig renegade hold it down on the west end, we true
kickin shit in the 6-2-3 to 2 and yo me and my crew
bump through, with no eq, switchin lanes in the 202
you cant decipher the scribe, like hebrew
except we future tribe. you bringin bland shit, old news
brand name drum kits for all you wack fools
claimin shit aint legit unless its protools
and we aint talkin, less you knockin us too
bringin love for hip hop, and the rock is for you
making beats on the block and we cool
southwest, phx, represent, you know we flex the old school

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I like this

I'm not sure how long y'all have been writing and recording, but this is decent. Good music. There's only one critique I can give listening to it once over, and one thing I can point out that sounded odd, so here it goes.

V.2: "kickin shit in the 6-2-3 to 2"
Right at the "6" it sound like it was punched in. The vocals sounded completely different from before and after that single number.

Other than that, just one question for my critique. Did y'all record it from memory? Sometimes whenever artists read from paper (I myself have a problem with this when I don't memorize a verse before recording it) it makes it sound too scripted. It's difficult to get hype and get into the track when you're trying to hold the paper still and read from it. Unless, of course, the track is made to be laid back. But this one sounded like y'all were bored recording it and that's the only critique I have about the entire track.

Nice work,

Nimbus The General

UselessTalent responds:

Yeah , we just wanted to lay out a chill track
representing real hip hop n shit

I love to get hype and just unleash but it's not their steez
Promethicus and Epitome for the most part make chill music
I just tryed to compliment them knawmeen?

I can vouch for Promethicus with that "6"
He thought it would be cool to just change up the EQ

We really just threw on this beat and each wrote a verse real quick and recorded it, I know where your coming from when it comes to spitting off memory vs spitting off paper

I dont get to record that often so I kinda pushed them into recording this and puttin it up.

Thanks for the review man,
Stay up and as always one love


I'm feelin this shit my dude! Everybody did they thing on the verses. Ill spit. DJ Epitome's verse reminds me of Guru's style, shits raw brother!

Stay up!

- P.

UselessTalent responds:

Thanks brotha

One love

Guru best be feelin good Rich lol

My Verse

(Haha, "I Just Spit Niiggas, Fuck All That Bullshit" Production Aint For Errbody)

So Its About Love, Like War
Easy To Start, Hard To Stop
Hard To Top, Top Rockin' All Over The Beat
Are You Really Listening? Cause Thats All We Need
So At Least YOU Heard It
Another Voice Out There That Like Any, Deserves It
Like Any, Is Worth It
Simplify To Stand Alone, Or Revonate Skele-Tones
Flip, And Get Dispersin'
For Any And All To Hear
Renegade, Promethicus And Me, Will Be
Steppin' Soul, For Years
Dont Mind About That,
We Give Alll Thats Got Plus uNem Right Back
G.D.S.K. Got Stacks To Through Off Musically
Original Sound Comin Like Casual Lunacy
Fluently, Blessed Bars Unrest
With The Tools To Out Best, Even Ourselves
"Somethin Else Out Of These Dusty Shelves..."
Thats What They'll Say
"And Its Only The Beginning."
Thats What We'll Say
And Its Only For Now, We All Have Our Day
And Even Then, We'll Still Lock it Down Anyway

Just Cause We Can : Some Main Human Rhetoric\

Because We WILL : Thats What Makes It All Worth It

))))))Uh uhuh UH UHuHuhuhuhUHuHuHhuuhuhUHUUH((((

UselessTalent responds:

no disrespect mangs lol

I tryed to make beats once

sounded like boom boom clap gun shot

Clap Boom Clap Gun cocked

Nice Lyrics

So true...people don't realize how great hip-hop really is and how much fun it can be.

UselessTalent responds:

Ya dig and when we get together its nothin but love and fun

I live for Love and HipHop


Thanks for the review stay up

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Apr 25, 2011
1:35 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
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