A Trial of Tenacity

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A journey of epic people doing epic things and vying with one another through trials of epicness!

This is a piece written for a film scoring class. We were to make up a scenario having to do with anger and write a piece that would fit this scenario were it put to picture. I won't tell you my scenario exactly because I would like to see what you all picture while listening to this! There is a villain though. And some heroes. It's happy times.


Oh, and check out "PhilVille" because he is awesome. And because he unintentionally reminded me that I could totally put this piece on NG!

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This for some reason reminds me of the Blackrock Foundry boss fight on the back of a speeding train. Excellent visuals!

Absolutely marvelous! Your stuff is so fucking fantastic! Every bit of this piece! I would love to use this is a video as well! I am now a fan :) !

two words:

LONGER SONG![preferably up to 5 mins]i got some more words for ya....this is epic and is worthy of film making!at the end the only complaint was is that it felt like it was building up to that moment where all hell breaks loose in an epic war only to stop.XD

in all honesty i can see this being moded into the dragon age series just to have a good boss fight.;) or maybe having a....sayyy.....flash series ive been dreaming up?

TheBenjerman responds:

Haha, glad you liked it, and if you make that flash series I'll make a longer cut just for you. ;)

i'm gonna give it a try.

4 to 5 heroes run through a(burning)village,killing dozens of enemys as they progres to eventually reach the commander who killed their parents.

TheBenjerman responds:

I can definitely see it! Maybe a flashback or something when the arpeggios die down. Thanks for the review!

. . .


But I don't think my aural skills are good enough to be criticizing your counterpoint just yet. It would take me forever without lookin at a score, but I do love your choice of harmonies and as usual you have catchy melodies goin on!

The imagery I get isn't exactly anger driven, rather action/adventure like some kind chase followed by a battle montage or slow motion scene of a stare off between the good and bad guy. There are definite themes in each instrument. The good guy seems to get the brass section (french horns?) while the bad guy has all those short marcato strings.

Love the little arpeggiated instrument that sounds kind of like a harpsichord. At first I thought it was just an ostinato but I hear now thats changing around: good for you cuz pedal points are overrated haha.

Anyways it's a great little piece. I wish I knew more about some of your harmonies in this and in 'Up Through Ashen Skies'


TheBenjerman responds:

Hey, completely missed this post for some reason. Thanks for the review! Some of the fun chords in this piece were short common-tone modulations, and Up Through Ashen Skies was almost entirely diatonic if I remember correctly. I'll have to return review your stuff as soon as I find the time.


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Apr 23, 2011
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