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Tiger M - Hiatus (origina

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Author Comments


Hey everybody! =D

Did this track initially in 2008 and released in Winter 2010! =D
The song is basically about a "Hiatus" I took from DJing and eventually *GASP!*
making music back around the end of 2008 in order to learn video production ^_^

The somber "Hiatus..." is meant as said as such as... I wasn't REALLY sure I
wanted to pull my focus away from DJing and music making to learn the
various Adobe programs [much thanks to Newgrounds and Lynda! =D]
at the time--but DID and am glad I did! =)

This song actually does have "Simple Lyrics" that have not yet been
added [quite a bit in cue]. The lyrics are about "The Biding House"
which basically is where I did a lot of production on-and-off between 2006 & 2010
and still do a great deal of my current day production at as well. =)

The lyrics go:

"I'm in my home / but not my house / the biding house / The home of hiatus!"

Sheer genius right!? XD NOT!

Anyway! This is the original "dub mix" [basically music and backup vocals]
track that thus far... is like... well IS... the original. =)

Later after getting some of this music backed-up uploaded will likely
go over the production for the "Full Vocal Mix" but for now...

Enjoy! =D ...or don't! ^_^

But thank YOU for taking the time to listen! =D


Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-DJ, Writer, Artist, Musician, Student, Being of Existence = TIGER M [GREAT!! Wednesday!]
-6:34 PM (4/22/2011) [Eastern Standard Time, The Biding House, U.S.A.]

Angel Arc & Company


stupid zero bombers.

Looks like some hater is goin through the new submissions and zero bombing. They must zero bomb because zero is all they know, zero friends, zero IQ, zero life.

Anyway, this is pretty good. A little bit repetitive, but it changes enough to keep it interesting. A little rough at times, maybe some side chaining and compression are needed. Other than that, good work.

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TigerM responds:

Thanks for listening in again RobinDB! =D I honestly appreciate your kindness. =)
You could be anywhere else but you decided to give this track a listen! Stay awesome! ^_^

And as for the Zero Bomber yeah, I think that some people truly do simply rate
things a Zero that they actually like because they have a hole in their soul... they feel
because another person is doing something that they do not do or that they LIKE even...
they respond in the only way they know how whether a given experience whether it is
truly and honestly enjoyed or otherwise. Actually covered this subject earlier today when
I was noticing kind commentators like yourself would rate 8 9s and 10s and there would be
like 4 or 5 zeros on my music the first day that I uploaded it.

Thought something was kind of odd.

In a way--I think this is the person's [or people's] way of not wanting others to hear music that they
think other people would enjoy, but I'm not worried about it. =) Newgrounds is not the only place my music is placed--far from. In fact--in many venues I receive income for my music including sets.
iTunes and Amazon also have my music so I could simply not ever share it here to be rated by
zeros and ones by self loathing people... but I do this because I am passionate for the community
began by Tom Fulps and those who worked hard to build a place for artists like You and I.

I place my music here because I dig the community and think that some of the music may
be found useful sometimes in the future--be it this year or 500 years from now--within a flash
creators video game or video so I upload it for that purpose. I honestly don't even look at the
ratings but who enjoys what is heard and who takes the time to download the music they like.

To me, the zeros are not "votes" but rather "jealous strikes" or "strikes of jealousy" and
to me I take them as compliments because it says that I am doing something
the voter(s) / critic(s) wish they could do who's only defense is to say allegorically:

"Oh! You think you're all that--well I'll show you!" =)
EEEMP! Zero. HAHA! Now survive!

But I do. =3

"Zero" to me stands for "I got absolutely NOTHING from what was experienced."
If when it's thought about--even just the sound waves crossing your ears is at least a 1
[one thing that you felt while listening] given you are not as
Helen Keller or The Miracle Worker and even THEN--the feeling of the
change in the air around ya' accounts for something. =)

People who rate "0" truly work in the reverse in my opinion of what a
sane person would. =) That is to say, people who rated "Lennon's Music"
a zero are the very same kinds of people that "Mark David Chapman" who shot
him dead are. They are the very same kinds of people who listen to a song say
they don't like it but truly wish they did. In brief... people who rate "0" on anything
in my humble opinion are dead to life and honestly hate themselves. In short...
music and art take something away from these jealous individuals instead of giving...
something to them...which is teh reverse effect of what art does for a person in love with life. =)

I stay careful of these kinds of people in life outside of the internet
and would suggest you do the same! =) Given you value your life because
honestly... those very same people are the kinds of people who destroy others...
and then commit suicide because within themselves... no thing which is experienced
has any level of value or soul-enrichment. I simply pray for them and hope
that they find whatever it is they are seeking in this world so hatred does not remain
their form or definition of the purpose which is creation and love. =)

Only they can change their perspectives and if it turns them on that much to
do what they can to destroy a song that you, I & thousands who listen think is
great--hope it fills them.

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
-WAM! DJ, TIGER M [SO~HO! Saturday! \O\ \O/ /O/ ]
-1:49 PM (5/14/2011) [Eastern Standard Time, The Biding House,U.S.A.]



but repeats to much -.-

TigerM responds:

Haha! =) Glad you enjoyed RandomDanceOfHappy! ^_^

Yeah, actually, a great deal of club tracks are created to do that. =)
Think the instrumental rendition of popular music that you'd hear on the radio
[you know--those words that you just seem you can't shake! XD]

One reason why we sometimes call this kind of music "Grooves" or "Beats"
is because that's the general gist. =) To kind of get the crowd "into the beat"
or "in the groove" [haha--Roxor music game called that =)] and to flow with the
rhythm and the harmony until the floor is sweaty and the legs buckle and shake
to the "jive" musical memories! =) A lot of club/dance/house music focuses on
getting the grove to go alone 'cause if you think about it--4 to 5 minutes isn't all
that long. =) When it gets TOO complex, it's like, "Is this the same song? o.o"

Also with music that is mostly instrumental or dub-mixed [like this track]
you will sometimes hear the music go off into a "loopalicious groove" than you
would if there was singing or rapping on the track. haha. =) You'll likely notice a
HUGE difference when I complete the production work for the Full Vocal version
of this song as lyrics themselves are indeed part of the harmony and shifts in the song. =)

Thank You for listening in my friend. =)

Take care and remain awesome! =D

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-DJ, Writer, Artist, Musician, Eternal Student & Being of Existence, TIGER M [SO~HO! Saturday! ]
-1:34 PM (5/14/2011) [Eastern Standard Time, The Biding House, U.S.A.]


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4.32 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2011
6:36 PM EDT
File Info
12.2 MB
6 min 33 sec

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