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An older dubstep song of mine,
& My submission for the Ngap Dubstep Contest 2011.


I did enjoy this...

BUT it was too slow. Even though the wobbling beat fitted well with the video game sounds, it was all to slow. It should be fast and boom boom boom. But great work though man, I'll be expecting some mad as music in the future.


Sorry for taking so long to review, I've been meaning to check this out for awhile.

You have a decent track going here, but unfortunately it never really builds like I'd hoped it would. There's loads of potential that I'd really love to see you tap into. I really love that the wobble has lots of variety though!

Most of my complaints have been addressed by poopr1221 but I'd like to reinforce a couple of them so as to emphasize their importance in my own opinion.

The original drop is definitely too quiet, the drums need more variety, the compression is a bit too much, and I'd like to also stress the importance of using a bitcrusher less.

By no means is this a bad song. It's just very simple, almost like background music. With some more work on EQ and overall flavor you could have a real hit on your hands!

I'll apologize again for taking so long to review your track
Thank you for checking mine out.

Decently done

Kind of has an Egyptian feel to it as if you were in a desert level in a game exploring the place.Soon alarms go off and the base is found. You now explore in but soon end up near the edge of the atmosphere having to fight off Robotnik once again. You find and defeat him and take his egg sandwich from him. How funny.

The twinkle sounds I hear are good. Like most other dubstep songs I have heard I always hear a wub and wobble. Could those two sounds be replaced with any other kind of paired sound and still be a dubstep? Just wondering.

The drums are simple and have a good effect going with the them. Really enjoy the laser sounds and alarm that goes off as well. The twinkle and giggle sound later is cool I suppose.

Overall, good dubstep anyways.

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So here's a real review, since this is much better than what you had originally uploaded. I'll split it up by things I liked vs. things I didn't.

Things I liked:
-While it was simple, the melody is very effective.
-Some of the non melodic sounds you used were really neat and unexpected.
-The intro was well done. I like the ambient synth in the beginning.
-Buildup to the first "drop" was pretty neat.

Things I didn't Like:
-That Epiano/Clav/xylophone sounding synth is WAY too loud over everything else.
-The first drop of the song is very quiet compared to the buildup right before it. If you read traditional music, it's like there was a sfortzando or similar there. The buildup should crescendo up to the drop and the drop should definitely be the loudest point of the crescendo.
-The drums were lacking a bit. They seemed a bit lackluster.
-It sounds like you used a compressor with a long release on the master, because whenever the basses kick in, it gets quiet all of a sudden and then the volume dramatically increases right after that. NEVER put a compressor or limiter on the master. It skews your perception of levels.
-The basses seemed to lack a clear low end, BUT don't take that as me telling you to turn the bass up in an EQ. Definitely not. Try varying the bass' actual sound. Don't always use bitcrushing! It's on every damn bass in the song! Try other effects.
-Could use a little variation in structure. Most dubstep tunes I've heard, though you don't have to strictly follow this, have more than one drop, where this only had one that I could REALLY discern from the rest of the song.

So tips in general: Take some time out to learn EQing and leveling each of your channels/tracks. Don't be afraid to turn certain elements down. Don't worry, we'll still hear them. Your music doesn't have to be rubbing right up against the 0db threshold. In fact, it shouldn't really.

You've definitely got the right idea, you just don't have the proper sounds quite yet. If you replaced most of the synths and sounds in this with better samples/synths, it would make a hell of a difference.

Sorry I was so harsh in my original review. I just can't stand music that clips all the time.

very well created!!!

i could listen to this hours on end! nice work!!!

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Thanks :P

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