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-ganon95- Bit.trip Part3- VOID

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Author Comments


This is a remix of the entire soundtrack for BIT.TRIP VOID. and before you say anything I DO have permission from Gaijin games to remix this and use sound samples from the original

Songs remixed:


This game is my favorite in the entire BIT.TRIP series so i made sure it was the best BIT.TRIP remix I have made to date. Started this song about 5 months ago...and let me tell you it was NOT an easy song to remix, so im pretty happy its finally finished. let me know what you think.


0.5 credit goes to me, but im a noob. check out my facebook page btw

1st credit goes to my friend Andrew Lloyd for helping me with placing the notes, without him I don't think this song would have been possible, as I am not the best at placing notes by ear.

2nd credit goes to Gaijin games for not only making an incredibly awesome game series but for also sending me sound loops from the original for use in this remix! thanks dudes!

check em out here: http://www.gaijingames.co m/

3rd credit goes to Daan Koopman for helping me record some sound loops and other things, it made this remix most exellent!

final credit goes to commander video...nuff' said

so...i present to you the BIT.TRIP VOID remix!

----------------000000000 00
----------------000000000 00
----------000000000000000 00000
----------000000000000000 00000
---0000000000000000000000 000000
---0000000000000000000000 000000
----000000000000000000000 0000000
----000000000000000000000 0000000
----000000000000000000000 0000000
----------000000000000000 00000
----------000000000000000 00000
----------------000000000 000
----------------000000000 000


hey man :D

You know how much i love your shit xD. Definitly the best 8-bit style out there... or atleast that i know.

0:00-0:25 Awesome use of... are those just samples? damn you sure know how to use your samples! can definitely feel the build to it, great use of reverb!

0:35-1:30 Great transitioning and love the melodies so far :3 great original style with a great vibe to it!

1:30-3:00 awesome instrument sectioning. still epic vibe to it and the production quality is great so far.

3:00-3:40 great transitioning again, everything comes together in a great package, seems the melody keeps on morphing while still staying the same, wich is a great effect!

3:40-4:57 Great instrumental chose, i really like those percs and the clarinet sounds divine. Lol that cheerful bass riff really gets to me and it sound very pro and well done.

4:57-6:20 Great change of pace, really feeling different now even tho the melody is still the same. I can see how you really took the stylings of the game to heart. that guitar in the background sounds sweet. and the strings go very well with the rest.

6:20-7:25 very good percussion work here. and those samples you used in the background sound totally bad ass. The strings coming in sounds very well and really add a sense of mystery to the whole track at that time.

7:25-8:30 I love how you just cut to another melody in the middle of everything. The change of pace went very well with the track's style. everything sounds very clean and calculated at this point. I like it.

8:30-9:30 although this has to be my least favorite melody so far you do have very good pad work here and all the instrument sell the melody very well. I like the percussion work allot too.

Outro: wow lol that is some wicked build. Very trippy stuff indeed. very epic effect work.

Overall: I think you can guessed that i loved this allot. In fact i cant really give you any true criticism because i'm not very experienced in 8-bit so i can't truely tell what is done on purpose and what isnt. But over all you sold your idea very well and this has to be my favorite of your 8-bit tracks so far. Please never stop producing!

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ganon95 responds:

sup dude! didn't know you were part of the RRC, sweet!

actually that first bit is a recording of the first cutscene in ID with some effects added, its still pretty cool though huh?

I think one of my fav. parts of this song is the desert-sounding clarinet :P i like how the bass line kinda cuts off quickly instead of being a solid bass, definitely something you don't hear much.

glad you liked it enough to give a sweet review :P im only half done so trust me, theres more :P

I was in a Trance.

Just great, love all the echos' in it, a masterpiece, you should make more.

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ganon95 responds:

notice the part 3, there are 2 parts before this one, you should check those out :P there is plenty to come

I usually hate 8-bit songs

But this blew me away. I was in a trance the entire time, if you put some subliminal message in this song, I would be screwed XD but in all seriousness, this song is totally awesome I love it keep up the good work my friend :)

ganon95 responds:

it technically 'does' have subliminal messages cuz its BIT.TRIP which has a really deepstory lol

glad you like it :) i worked hard on it


Started listening to it and instantly I felt drawn into it. I don't know the names of all those special sounds and notes, but I do know that they gave me such an overwhelming calm. Near the end, it has an ominous tune to it, but the beats that come in shortly make you wonder whether to sit calmly or kick something in the face. I love it and will definitely vote 5/5 on this! Thanks for giving me something to focus on BESIDES reality!

ganon95 responds:

heheh glad ya liked it, its definatly calming cuz i added alot of orchestral.

the ending is quite cool huh?

glad i could avert your focus from reality ^.^

what are the0's for?

nice song, nice work remixing it came out good

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ganon95 responds:

thanks :)

the O's actually make a picture of the VOID, look up 'bit.trip void' on youtube and you will see what its supposed to be

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4.53 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2011
12:59 PM EDT
Video Game
File Info
13.9 MB
10 min 9 sec

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