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Made this in the past like.. 5 hours or so.

Only synth used was Harmless.

Be sure to rate and comment, I love hearing what you guys think! Any and ALL criticism helps more than you know.

Thanks guys!


I do agree, it should be heavier,..

I do agree with the guy below that the drop should be heavier. And I don't agree with his analysis of what dubsteb should be. Though I do think that this is a bit lite to be dubsteb, hence my comment on being heavier.

I think if you just added some more bass and had a bigger drop this would be a really good song. :) I love the rhythm and melody XD.

Keep up the good work.

Or4nges responds:

Ok, look. If every dubstep song went by the same structure (which they do sadly) then every song would sound the same. (which.. they do.)

Do you see what i'm getting at? Yes I could make a filthy, gut-wrenching drop, and I could make sub-bass powerful enough to rattle the shingles off your house. I chose instead to mix genres and see what I got. If no one experimented in music, then nothing new would ever be made.

I suppose i'm sounding a bit defensive, but seriously. If the song isn't heavy enough for you, don't tell me to make it heavier, just go listen to some borgore :)


Agree with TheBiocide. the whole song has a feel to it that runs throughout and really makes it awesome and not just some heavy drop dubstep song. But the whole driving beat and melody is what really makes this track different and sick. percs r great i think they are key to how good this tune is. Also the theme of the sawy sounding elements. good stuff. liking your stuff and style.

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Or4nges responds:

Hahaha, Glad i've got supporters in this. I'll try to get more dubstep songs like this out. Yes maybe heavier, but also maybe lighter at the same time. I'm trying to find my little niche in the genre :P

Hey, now!

First thing I noticed is that you've got a really nice groove to this one, man! You don't really hear too many dubstep songs like this. It's not got a nice subtle, but still powerful sound. I'm so sick of hearing these "check out this incredibly dirty wobble I made in Massive" kinda songs. Anyone can do that. Songs like these really take a certain amount of skill. So kudos for that, dude.

Great work, man. 5/5 - 10/10 :D

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Or4nges responds:

I KNOW RIGHT?! Don't get me wrong, Massive is amazing, and in all honesty i'd be using it if I had the $$, but even still, I like to think dubstep is more than just a sludgey mud-monster. It can be catchy, it can be dancey, it can groove, and it can still be dirty.

Thanks for the review, man.

great man

not too dirty or scratchy
bass beats were smooth,unique
and very electronic
just the way i like ma dubstep.

dont listen to those haters,they only know the shitstep.(lol,i invented word).
too bad it couldnt last longer :P
keep makin that magic

Or4nges responds:

Thankyou, Thankyou! I'm trying to make stuff other than the generic "WROAR WROAR WUBBITY WUB WUB" We've all heard that before.


screw crash overlord i do nothing but listen to dubstep all day and i say its freaking dubstep haha. this song kicks ass. i love the melody going with the bass you dont get many people getting this intricate with dubstep now so i appreciate the refreshing "outside the box" approach

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Or4nges responds:

Thanks man :D

I take my cues from Skrillex and Flux Pavillion. With my own twists of course haha.

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Apr 19, 2011
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