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Quite a new style for me... Well more a mixture of my ambient stuff and dubstep, but with no intense wobbles or ugly randomness... Don't get me wrong, it's quite random xd

I made it in reason, mastered it in logic. (This is the first song I mastered in logic) What do u think about the empty spaces in the 5th (longest) part? xd

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What do you mean by, "it feels kinda 2D-ish? :P

I think he means that it feels a little flat because the bass doesn't have such a big part of this song like it usually has in dubstep.....or something.

mjattie responds:

He already mailed me (a)

"its like those life-sized posters it looks real but then when you reach out you realize its not what you thought"

thanks :)

Great scott!


Good sir, you have made dubstep. The type of dubstep that I enjoy! Let us get started then.

1. Bassline: It's not terribly prevalent, but man does it work well here. The ambience of this song would really be ruined by too heavy a bass, so I think what you've got is wonderful. The wobbling that I do here is also nicely done.

2. Percussion: Good job here. It's not too heavy, and I don't hear any clipping. My one little nagging would be the snare drum, it seems very low and flat to me. Still, it works well in this song, so you don't need to alter anything in my opinion.

3. Synths and such: Excellent! You've really mastered ambient sounds and things, it all flows really nicely. There are the background synths to keep a beat going, and it works really well. The strings you've added in are heavenly as well!

4. Mastering: Overall clear quality. I don't detect any clipping or masking of sounds. Everything works well together.

Good sir, you have made an excellent song here! I'll have to look for more of this.

4.60 / 5.00 (+ 0.058)

Nice work. Keep it up!
-Kw with <3

mjattie responds:


Soo back to business:

1) I think I should've made the bass a bit more present though, it's not hurting enough with earphones on (a)

2) The snare has no high frequencies, but I liked the "originality" of that xd

3) Thanks!!!11 xd

4) I masterd it in logic, so maybe going to do that more often (a) (Logic has some great meters and mastering stuff)

Thanks, search for james blake (his EP's are really awesome and his new untitled album is nice too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFRb3R G-zx4 (download it or buy it xd)

its random but i feel the flow

not sure how to really explain it but you've got your thumb on something thats like a futuristic vacation resort being played on one of those old time film reels (if that makes sense) the skips make it seem like blank parts on a film where its been worn away by time (or maybe i just have a very active imagination)
i like this song i like it alot though it feels kinda 2D ish if it had the heavy bass it might have broken the song or helped it i dont know its hard to imagine this is already pretty great as is.

mjattie responds:

hahahahha, nice xd Your imagination actually makes sense to me :P Though, futuristic vacation resort? :O haha

What do you mean by, "it feels kinda 2D-ish? :P


thou i wonder what you would mean by making it in reason, and mastering it in logic.., also do i wonder how you thought of it being yellow,
but its importance is not significant for me, its details are excellent and intense, (some of its noise sounds very similar to some crunchy porn sounds(and feels uneasy))
thou I stand by the cold efficiency of logic, your music warms me emotionally.

whatever you do Mjattie,
it will be "Awesome"

P.s. and again, this post, has tendencies to rebel from order, its sensibility fluctuate chaotically..,it may, or may not be, incomprehensible.


mjattie responds:

Hello dragoonistix. :D

hahahaha, I think you're not familiar with digital audio workstations: Reason and Logic are both names of applications xd, though it's cool that you can read the sentence in two ways haha.

The name "Yellow" is a bit random. For some reason, I found it sounding a bit yellow or something: not as cold as white, not as warm as red, so, maybe yellow? haha...

It's an intense song hahaha, maybe that's why it's sounding a bit porny... haha *feels embarrassed"

I thank you greatly for this review!

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Apr 17, 2011
3:00 PM EDT
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