_-=[Flying Unmatched]=-*FIXED*

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There were some SERIOUS errors on other one, all fixed. Twist of Techno and Classic music.


oh this is cool

this is cool song

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Its kinda like a sad song but in techno form(:


Sounds like something out of Castlevania, great job

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definitely turns heads

And i got a short story to fit this!

Heay looked up from his victim as his master approached, blood dripping from his lips, when he saw who it was he looked back down and resumed drinking. His master, Lantis, stopped next to the body as Heay finished, then got up to lick his lips clean.
Lantis watched while Heay did this and began to speak, "We have a new assignment for you." Heay retracted his fangs and asked, "Assassination or recruitment?" Lantis paused a moment, then answered, "Assassination."
"What's his name and where can he be found?" Lantis answered, "Actually it's a she and can be found at this location." He handed Heay a map which led to a different section of the village.
Heay was prepared and on top of the building until midnight waiting on his target. When she arrived she was so beautiful that he couldn't stand the fact he was about to throw a shuriken into her throat and that he was going to drain all of her blood afterwards.
So when he reported to his master that the mission was a failure Lantis was a totally pissed off vampire lord. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN A FAILURE?!" he scremed at Heay, "YOU'RE MY BEST CHOICE OUT OF EVERYONE I'VE TURNED INTO A VAMPIRE! IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE THIS I'LL HAVE TO MYSELF!"
Later that night when Lantis was about to strike, Heay had to make a life changing decision. He made up his mind at exactly the right moment. As soon as Lantis had knocked the woman over and was preparing to stab her, Heay knocked over rocketed down from the rooftop straight toward Lantis. He took Lantis's knife from him in his few moments of confusion, and when he saw who it was he grinned, "So you changed your mind and are going to carry out your mission after all?" But when he realized that Heay was actually planning to kill him the smile slipped off his face.
"So I'm betrayed by my best student. Well then, we'll finally see who the better of the two is!"
Lantis kicked Heay in the stomach, elbowed the back of his head and slammed it against his knee. Then he grabbed the hair on the back his head, and lifted him up.
Heay kicked out at Lantis and got him square in the jaw, then landed three punches to his face, did an upper-cut, and punched him four times in the gut.
While Lantis doubled over in pain other vampires had sensed a disturbance in the area and began to show up. He kicked and punched Lantis a few more times and then went over to the woman who had been watching on horror.
He asked her name and she responded, "My name Alliana, and you are?" He answered withotu emotion, "I'm Heay. I'd love to stay here and chat, but I'm s vampire who just betrayed his whole clan and now I'm on the run. If I ever get the chance I'll drop by, but until that time."
As she stood there watching he vanished into the night, and as other vampires followed, it seemed to her that the air followed.

Great piece indeed Maestro

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Nice a change from what i normally see from you

This sounds more along the lines of a speed metal song i.e Dragonforce your great with depressing style music and music that will make you smile.

you kinda cut it off so suddenly at the end

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