Doomsday's Arrival

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Lost this song due to a computer crash.
Gonna remake it, but better, sometime soon.


Despite its shortcomings...

This song is amazingly well done for a jack-of-all-tradesman :]
The fact that you're a one man band is amazing and that you were able to pull off a 7min+ song and keep it enjoyable throughout! But yeas, the only noticeable things that stopped this song from receiving a 10/10 is the few bits when the guitar falls flat.

But like I said, an amazing song that is definitely going on the iPod!


Kayoszx responds:

Thanks man :D
And yeah, I know it's got a lot of shortcomings. It's mainly cause I usually rush my songs. After working on the same song for a long time, I get bored and tend to rush the small details and move on.
BUT, I'm gonna be redoing all my rock songs soon for my upcoming EP.
I'm getting a better guitar and a better recording program, so they'll all sound more professional + they'll be in a higher quality.

Super Long

This song was super long, and hard rock isn't really my cup of tea but this was a good song. Make sure you repost this for us when you get some vocals added because it will make this good song great. The equalizer that plays during this song was one of the most interesting what with the hard changes and all the heavy guitar and drums. I really like this whole cut but cutting out the dead 40 seconds at the end would definitely be nice, unless you have some good lyrics and a solid vocalist planned for that part.

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Pretty decent

The guitar intro was actually pretty nice for fast picking. Then you added in drums and changed up the guitar riff altogether to play a more steady main beat kind of like a few bands I have not heard of in a long while anyways which is cool anyways. The bass line here was spectacular and simple.

Around 1:08 the beat got pretty awesome with yet another quick change up on the drums and then a new guitar riff that sounds similar is added back in. The bass line for the tune stays pretty simple anyways so that was better than what I expected. Enjoyed the main beat at 2:04 which sounded pretty wicked anyways.

At 2:38 the little guitar solo sounded very soft yet really good and then it gallops back to the main riff with some still sick sounding beats. Just wondering, do you all plan to add any vocals to the songs or what? Around 4:09 it starts a very long descent to the end with really low and long going notes before changing up to a new guitar riff and tune beat that continues on for a bit and sounds pretty wicked.

Then for the rest of the song you have really nice going stuff happening.

Overall, this was a great yet long piece!!

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Kayoszx responds:

Thanks for the great review. :D
And yeah, I plan on adding vocals to every one of my songs. Just not my own.
I'm looking for (a) vocalist(s) to do the vocals for all or some of my songs.
Either I'll find someone who can scream and sing and have him do all of my songs, or I'll feature different vocalists in each of my songs. :P

Keep it up guys.

I really love how hard the drums kick in, but I think that perhaps because of this the guitars fall a bit flat and unable to hear at some points. It's also a bit repetive and simplistic, nothing spectacular in the guitar riffing but practice makes perfect. Keep at it.

Kayoszx responds:

Yeah I know my guitar playing is amateur, lol.
I've played drums longer than I have guitar, and guitar longer than I have bass -
So all the playing in my songs are a little on the simple side. I haven't exactly become extremely good at one particular instrument, but rather decent at every instrument.
Thanks for the review! :P


its good shit like this that should be in hard rock. this is a nice addition to rock itself

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Kayoszx responds:

Thanks man :P

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