Musing Inferno (COLLAB)

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What began as a chord progression on the Guitar at 1:30AM became a Collabed song by 4:30.

Thanks a ton to Jason Horecky. Without him, this would sitll be a little musing that went nowhere. :) Visit the link (Remove the space...) to see his page!

http://jasonhorecky.newgr ounds.com/


I know I'm very... Moody about my music posts. And I can't promise that I'll be posting anything in quite a while... But, I hope y'all can enjoy this, and please review it honestly. But, don't just insult it. If you don't like it, explain why, so I cna continue to learn, and make better music. Thanks, and enjoy!


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I love you

I love you. I really dont know what to say about this song apart from it kicks ass.

Me you + jason should do a massive collab and blow the audio portal away. ;)

SirFurious responds:

That same thought has been running through my head. The problem with it is that I fear it could overpower things and be as bad as a digital tactical nuke. :/

But, If it can be arranged, I'd love to have at it. :)

Oh, yeah, and... Love you too!


Ok, yeah, that sounds weird. :P


Hey Hey :P

This is getting pretty popular man :P haha so since i went over everything with you on msn.. i guess i'll just take the time to go over what past reviewers have said..
First off i gotta say.. It was so crazy how we made this song so quickly :P haha that was great.. soo anyways...
ArgentiaKrystofel - I loved her review :D and you can tell her i said your welcome:)

TIMarbury - I love you.... (no homo, but really, your awesome) and i agree soo much with him.. this could seriously be a 4 min song.. add a couple new leads, and bam, its 4 mins :P hahah maybe later we can go back on this song.. fix up the few things, and then we would have an amazing full song :)

and finally AzureVixen - Yup the piano was in 16th notes.. and next time we come back to this song we will put the tempo down a little :P and yes you are very right by saying the energy just falls out of place, when we come back to it, we will fix that :) and your so right with the crash, it really doesnt fit at 48.. Sir furious, we need to find a better build up crash :P haha and yes as mr furious puts it we will give each section a little more screen time :P

So.. all in all.. there are just a few tiny little problems here.. but those are super easy to fix! i'll probably have time next weekend and we can stay up till like 6 am making this song even better than it is :) hahah It was really fun working with you.. and after 15 votes, its still at a 4.60.. thats amazing :) hahah maybe this will get on the top 30 ;) hahah you never know anyways.. i'll talk to you later man.. peace

SirFurious responds:

Oh, cut the chatter... The crash effect was yours, and you know it! :P

I'm not even gonna plan staying up to 6 AM or anything... But, with any luck, we can do that. :)

Yup, you get the shortest response. Hey, I was only on MSN with you while making this... :P


Pretty Nice :D

A very nice short chord progression, fast paced and definitely keeps the listeners attention. The piano is very nice although it is very fast. 16th notes? Either way it sounds good. ^^. The pad at 25 seconds introduces a nice melody and the lead that played a few notes during it made it sound nice. Then at 48 seconds, what happened? All that energy built up previously was gone. Sometimes doing that works and sometimes it doesn't, I feel you should have kept the lead and melody and made a more upbeat section featuring it. The mastering is fine and the samples are good for the most part, I don't like how the crash sounds at the build to 48 seconds. It doesn't ring too nicely. Another thing that could be improved with this song is that everything happens so fast, that it doesn't have enough time to be heard. Each section is maybe 16 bars or 24 of a short melody and then the mood is different not too much later. You can extend this song out to be a good 4-6 minute long piece and it would be very enjoyable I would think.

Good job though :]!!!

SirFurious responds:

Just to note, I was the one who wanted a lower tempo... :P

It is pretty fast. And, although I'm not entirely sure, I believe they may be 16th notes.

The Pad and Lead, if I recall correctly, were put in by Jason.

0:48-1:12ish was my idea. No idea what I was thinking, but I liked it. At the same time, I can see what you mean about it losing energy there.

When this get's redone, I'll fight for a slower tempo so it can be heard better, and probably give each section a little more screen time.

We'll come back to this, don't worry about that. Thanks for the review!


:D this is just great

I love how the layers just keep adding up and it just creates this great feeling and then the piano drives it away but it keeps the same feel and then the lead becomes more clear. It is constantly playing back and forth. Jason is a really great artist to work with, even though i never have, i think he knows a lot about this type of style and it always is great. Keep working on this! it can be so much longer and complete! you have everything right here..

SirFurious responds:

Thanks for the encouraging review! We might have to go back and extend it... If we do, I'll be sure to let you know! :)

I'm not exactly sure what it is, but there's something about a musical reboot, where the song is pulled down to the bare essential and then built back up that I just love... So, of course I had to do it! =3

The best thing about working with Jason is that he's very good at making sure it's a learning experience. And it is! It really is!


For the past half-hour...

This has been going through my head for the past 30 minutes...and I've listened to it about as many times. XD In other words, I LOVE it. How it pretty much jumps right in is neat. Of course, it's cool when it stops at 0:50 and then everything is brought back in. At 1:30 the sounds that are going there sound really good...how the first 'fade out' and second 'fade out' are placed in respect to each other is excellent.

Awesome collaboration. Tell Jason that I say thanks as well-it needed to be a song, not simply a musing!

SirFurious responds:

Thanks sis, and I'll be sure to let him know.

Aye, collab's are awesome. And I'm very thankful to have people around to help me through them.

Thanks for the review. :)


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Apr 16, 2011
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