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~MM~ 40 - dark piano demo

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this is the first part of a song i have been working on lately, the part after this still needs a lot of work since my ideas are stil not flowing the way they should be
(made some mistakes with how i wanted to play this, but this is currently my best recorded version and since i only made the first part it will be deleted when its finished anyway)
the notes are quite simple, the complicated part is focusing in putting the right feel into the notes without forgetting which buildup i had in mind

2 other dark pieces i 'completed' already still needs to be properly recorded
('completed' because there is still a lot of things i might do with them in the future but for now they are good enough to call them complete)

hope you like it (and hopefully i can record the other 2 today)


if you intend to use my music in any way then please contact me (afterwards you probably get permission to use it, but only after you contact me first!)

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en exemplaire unique!

im sorry to lack in words right now, i simply dont have them bc this piece(even tho its the beginning) simply is amazing.
its never wrong to play simple notes,
what matters is the end result, and i can tell the end result is superb
or how they say in frence; extraordinaire :)

So far so good..

#1 The Bass line to this is superb. Gave me goosebumps. So much power is in those low notes, I can feel it.
#2 The right hand kinda confused the feel of this piece. The reason being that most of the time you wasn't varying the right hand enough.. the part where you started to vary it was at 1:03 where it worked very well.

Try to 'echo' the mood/feel of the bass line, in the right hand too. That's what I feel is the current issue with this piece. Currently the two don't match that well.. it's like putting sugar on your dinner by accident, instead of salt. Very similar but the flavour is far different. I would have a lot less notes playing in the right hand for this piece. I would play a single broken chord and then play the chord as one, i.e if it was a D chord, I would do D, F#, A, followed by the chord altogether.

The reason I say this is because the Bass line leaves me in deep thought - and it works well - but then the accompaniment over the top is trying to make me race off - but truth be told most of the time I am trying to forget/ignore the higher notes and just listening to the bass, that's what really carries this demo so far.

The Bass line reminds me of Beethovens Moonlight Sonata, in some ways. In fact this piece reminds me of that moonlight sonata quite a lot.

Well done indeed. :)

Musical-Memoirs responds:

Moonlight sonata is one of the pieces i love and can play
started learning the piece when i only had a few months piano experience (a little bit stupid because its a way too hard piece, now with around a year experience still shouldn't try such pieces)
but well... even though i never learned it full yet i ended up being able to play the first 2 minutes in a beautiful way
not more then logically that some of my own compositions end up being in the same style XD

i still want to do way more with my right hand to make it better then just repeating the same chord over and over in this piece... sadly im not really skilled yet, so many thing have to wait till i improved at piano playing and composing
but im really happy that the bass notes really do what i intended them doing

hope to get as good as you are, hearing your music makes me wonder how long it will take for me

Much better

Much better than your usual improvisations, which it should be, since I take it that this has been given much more thought and has been practised in the somewhat same fashion compared to other pieces, where even a repeated effort will still change at least slightly.
-Mood- I feel like that a truth has been unfolded upon a person (whether you or another...possibly fiction...) and this has made said person wondering to believe it, if it makes since compared to previous truths, and if it real.....and the end seems to somewhat accept it, not quite sure if he agrees with it, but has decided it is what it is.
-----Tell me if I'm close to your thought, all interpreations are different.-------
There are still slight errors, such as the first loudish part, i feel that you purposefully wanted to speed up a little bit, but sounded a little sudden to me and not well executed.
But, it's quite obvious you are getting better, and your style seems to be widening.
--The chords were well played, all though simple repetitionwas starting to get to me when you finally changed it up, but it was obvious that the melody was supposed to be in the Bass (left hand), considering that it had all the strong chords, and was mainly well done....sometimes it was overshadowed in my oppinion by the accompaniet... right....and lost a bit of value at times.

All in all, very nice. Can't wait to see the rest and the completion!

Musical-Memoirs responds:

as expected, an experienced pianist can hear the small mistakes too
when i wanted to speed up a little i changed too much (on one moment way too much), with a less bigger change it flows way better, im a little bit irritated by the speed mistakes, though it didnt ruin it all, its still only a detail i have to fix for the final version
this is a practiced piece indeed, only its not my best performance of this piece either (the rithm with my left hand should be a tiny bit different in a few bars too, but i kinda forgot those parts...)
the only part i didnt practice was the ending, that part was once again improvised

the overshadowing is something i noticed too, its hard to play it softly (needs more practice for that to work out fine) but a tiny bit is not my mistake though, i use my digital piano as a midi-controller so that i can see what notes i played after i played it (makes writing piece a bit easier and making remembering what notes i played even more easy) the only problem is that i still dont have the best piano sounds to play it back, so its a tiny bit different from my purformance, and thats something i cant really fix till i get something better

and your interpretation is really close, since thats kinda the idea i had, but i still havent fully decided on what i really wanted to base it on

and actually this is not a piece in a different style... i have a lot of pieces lately in this style, the two other pieces i still need to record are also in this style (and also in minor) though i did widen my style after this piece
this will be the final piece im writing by using broken chords with my right hand and playing the melody with my left for a while


this feels like a realization of some dark truth and the rising severity of it so well done with that art the lack of errors feels wonderful coming from you (no offense intended)^^ good to hear a new piece from you their isnt much to say this piece feels fairly simple to me but let me know if there was anything i missed k? pce

Musical-Memoirs responds:

erors are still in this piece, they are only very small
imporovising is a garenty for some mistakes, playing a practiced song is logicall to have less mistakes, only since this piece only exists in my head (since i didnt write down anything on paper) i still make small mistakes
im happy no one else spots them

there cant be said much about a simple piece indeed xD but the few words you gave make me feel happy again

wonderfully moody

sounds great man i am no pianist but it seems as though you are turning out to be quite the composer. Even though I love seeing your piano work, i think it would be pretty wicked if you would kick up your old techno roots again ;) maybe at some point if you fall back into that groove we could try a collab.


Musical-Memoirs responds:

Thanks :D
I do have some electronic pieces in my mind to try (they might only be a total different type from what i used to make after such a long time with great focus on classical compositions), only just cant seem to find the time for it... since piano music doesnt cost me much extra time since i have to practice the piano anyway, so almost all i do is write for the piano (and my computer screen broke recently too...)
so some day you will hear some new techno too, after all, i want to keep my musical feeling in a very wide range of music and not limiting myself to one thing

but piano music works great with electronical stuff too, so that would also be possible for a collab?
might be doing such a thing with d-chain too if we finally make a start on it

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Apr 10, 2011
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