V-M - Out of Control [FINAL]

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(sigh) Well this will be my last song for right now...until I get a new music software...



how the !@$ do you make beats liek taht T_T. the song itself was a lil too random for me (and i AM the random king). fish bucket k thx. ok but this soudns like something mouse woudlve done and i love them. i gave it a 10 because i love the beat. the SONG needs improvement. but it was still good. this is the first 10 i've given as long as i can remember

Viewtiful-Masta responds:

thanks man, again it was all thanks to music faker.

It's mroe of the extreme fight music!

For miles and miles around, there is nothing but decimation in the battlefield as the fued between good and evil rages on. after hours of intense fighting, one side slowly weakens, and the other gradually pounds its adversary until it is no more...the war between land, sea, and air comes to an end as one force stands victor over the other. The planet is saved; the rampaging V-Man is victorious...

Viewtiful-Masta responds:

(XD) wow! I'm a V hero! Darn man...I never knew there was a story about me! lol! I didn't even know...I could become victorious! thanks V maN!

Keep it V!



My ears hurt now. Good for techno parties, i like the drum, but the other segmints arnt that great, gl using your new softwear.

Viewtiful-Masta responds:

old software, music maker 10.

music maker 11 is if ya want it!

hey sup

hey what u use in fl studio for drum beats like that do u use the pattern of the bars just buy inserting them and then puting at high tempo speed?? if u use soemthing els for th edrums on fl 6 pls tell me how on msn hehe thne my two remixing im doing will kick ass =p cya laters if u did what i think what tempo speed what ifro the drums??

Viewtiful-Masta responds:

Well thses were just some premade DnB drums that were in Music Maker 10. None of these are in FL but you could make them! Well thank ALOT and MORE for the V ass reviews dude!

Keep it V man!


Its all about me?

Hell no! Man, i haven't barely seen a song that you haven't reviewed.
Man, that is commendable. You deservea goddamn reward or something. Everyone knows you, and really, to be honest, I think you blow me away at drum N bass.

Seriously this stuff is SICK! I l ove the arps, the fast paced drums, the only 2 things that would make you the best artist in the world:

A big kick ass bassline that just vibrates your chest, and a vocalist.

Then i would call you god. But for now, i'll just say that you are one talented fucker :D

Awesome work!


Viewtiful-Masta responds:

YAY! Well man you are the shit now man!

It's true though your WAY better than me! One you have reason 3.0 two your PoE ZENON REMIX Was just magnificent! Well I know it was a remix but it was the best remix i ever heard! So trust me man you are way better than me man! I didn't review alot of your stufff because you didn't review mines either but who cares you don't need retarded reviewers like me. I'm just a nobody. Your way V'er than me and thats all there is to be said man! Well dude your V'er than i am if you want to talk to me on AIM then it's V man. But if you don't oh well since you don't ave you Screen name up.

Oh well...

Keep it V man!

The world is to V for me and so are you.


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4.01 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2006
11:40 AM EST
Drum N Bass
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1 min 38 sec

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