Piano Trio in C# Minor

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Hello again Newgrounds!
I present to you A BIG FIRST from me...A piano trio in C# minor. (It has a lot of dynamic range a little like a real classical recording so be careful with your volume!)

This is the first classical work of this size I've ever made. I'm currently in the process of polishing and putting together the sheet music as well, so it will be playable by others across the world who want it! Just send me a message if you're interested - I will have the sheets completely ready in under a week from the submit date to the left.

I literally worked for 3 days straight on this (had to finish it by a deadline!). As such I'm sure I don't have a lot of objective space from it and it could be better, so please let me know your criticism alongside (hopefully!) your praise. Enjoy!

- Cubase 5 & included reverb plugin
- Ivory piano VST
- Garritan Stradivari Violin & Gofriller Cello
- iZotope oZone 3



Started good and just got better. Equal parts peaceful and dynamic, excellent stuff.

It's good

I really like it

What else could I expect from Nick??

Only you can provide this sound in this whole community. I've got to admit, 7 minutes is a bit on the long side for FFR, but you can trust me when I say that this is directly going to my iPod.

Constructive criticism: The only weakness in the whole thing I believe are the virtual instruments. I'm dying to hear this played live. And that's my only complaint. You are amazing.

And I really dig the last minute and a half of the song. Perfection, in my book!

The Newgrounds community is petty.

If you are wondering why you have been 0'd it is because you are a perceived 'threat' to the talentless hacks who spam this section with their super amateur, prefabricated music (most of which sounds exactly the same)/rant

This is wonderfully creative and fun to listen to. You have real talent for this, I think. If we were making unfair comparisons to 'greats' like Shostakovich (random example) I'd give you perhaps a 6. But compared to most of the music on newgrounds (and much of it is fantastic) and really, most music in general, I have no choice but to give you a 10. Great job.

If you want criticism, the fact that you spent just three days on this is a little disheartening. If you spent time editing this it may be possible to improve it. I always write/edit music with the philosophy that 'Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away'. If you agree with this, consider revising this. I cannot find anything I do not like about it, however.

Again, fantastic job. Keep writing music and don't let the petty 0 voters get you down!

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NickPerrin responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
It was on a deadline (now added this fact to the description box!), thus the limited time spent making it. Otherwise it would absolutely have been a longer and more thought-out process. I definitely agree that taking more time would improve the final product, and having more time would have been great! Of course, now, I can edit it if I like, and may just do so (and add additional movements).

Multi-Genre Potential!

Whoa. I could imagine all sorts game elements this fits in: puzzles, cutscenes, battles, background music for a regal castle, an epic boss fight against a giant ancient being, tense moments. Just so powerful and captivating.

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Apr 6, 2011
2:45 AM EDT
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