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Piano Trio in C# Minor

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Hello again Newgrounds!
I present to you A BIG FIRST from me...A piano trio in C# minor. (It has a lot of dynamic range a little like a real classical recording so be careful with your volume!)

This is the first classical work of this size I've ever made. I'm currently in the process of polishing and putting together the sheet music as well, so it will be playable by others across the world who want it! Just send me a message if you're interested - I will have the sheets completely ready in under a week from the submit date to the left.

I literally worked for 3 days straight on this (had to finish it by a deadline!). As such I'm sure I don't have a lot of objective space from it and it could be better, so please let me know your criticism alongside (hopefully!) your praise. Enjoy!

- Cubase 5 & included reverb plugin
- Ivory piano VST
- Garritan Stradivari Violin & Gofriller Cello
- iZotope oZone 3

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I love the weighty simplicity with which the main motive is initially stated in the violin and the cello; the use of the violin's register throughout is particularly effective in terms of contrast, and I'm a fan of the "perverted/twisted" quality in the beginning and in other places throughout (someone mentioned Shostakovich...). I like that you bring that material back around 5:10 and at the end. There are plenty of effective pianistic techniques in here, too--all those extended clusters contribute to a more sophisticated harmonic language than one usually expects from a piece you might find by a budding videogame composer (is that your main interest?)--and 6:15 remainds me of a great Beethoven-esque descending octave skip type thing. Great work! In general this has an enormous variety of textures and range of techniques. My one [constructive] piece of criticism is that sometimes, as in 3:48 or so, it seems a bit too transparent. You know, just a minor chord arpeggiated in a simple pattern in 4/4 meter, or something like that. I can remember thinking the first time I listened to it that there were more places like that, but I've just re-listened to it and can't find much worthy of criticism. Even if there are a few places where the repeating texture is a bit predictable, they're few and far between, and you do a good job of integrating them with the surrounding material. Oh yeah, and out of curiosity, did you think about how idiomatic this would be for real instruments, and to what extent? Sorry for the long and rambling comment... It's just that I enjoyed this too much not to enthuse about it!

The evanescence and subtlety of this piece portrayed the greatest scenery in my mind. What an ASTOUNDING piece!

You are truly the new Beethoven!

Thank you, Nick!

I'm a rabid fan of your Nocturne AB Min. No. 2, and even more so of your Animus Intorqueo series. Those are some of the most listened to pieces on my iPod, classical or not. And now you give us this? Your skill is amazing. Your music has echos of Shostakovitch and Debussy- the former even moreso with your brilliance with the strings. While I do enjoy your other VG and chiptune works, you'll pardon my saying that your genius is wasted there. Your Post-Modern Classical compositions are where you well and truly shine. Never stop.


NickPerrin responds:

I haven't checked this page in a while so I only just now found your review, but THANK YOU for taking the time to comment! Your review means a lot, especially these days when I have not had the composition time available for this genre of work. I'll be sure to keep creating in this style, I think it's the truest to my personal musical voice. Cheers.

Wonderful +

The music came into my ears and stayed, partied, rocked out, danced, flooded my brain with joy. I definitely like this piece, not only does it get your blood pumping it helps you focus on the things that matter. In my opinion this kind of music offers clarity while providing enjoyment. I love the transitions from up to down to up. Wonderful mix of piano and strings. 10/10 for the clarity of my mind ;)

Good work

This is really excellent. Great job!

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4.93 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2011
2:45 AM EDT
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