Blue Air, Purple Sky

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I updated the song a little bit to make it sound a little better. For some reason, I was still inspired by the song Voyager by Daft Punk cuz I just can't get over their bassline in that song and their acoustics. I say again cuz I have another song inspired by Voyager. I made this one more simple, but still good. I definetly put a lot into this song, especially my heart from god's lovin' of music. Headphones make the experience of this song even better :D

Instruments in this song are (11 Tracks):
1. Pad
2. Drums (Beat, Hi-Hat(s), Kick(s), & Snare)
3. Percussion (Claps)
4. Zaps
5. Bass Guitar
6. Guitar
7. 2 Synths

I really, really, REALLY hope you like this song. Thanx you to those to those who review my songs, have some of my songs as one of your favorties, favorite artist, etc. etc. Pleez review, rate, download, enjoy, & tell me how I did on this song.



The song starts off pretty good but at 0:27 the off tune really threw me off. It started to sound better with the guitar sound, and I liked the lull at 2:06 and the sound was getting pretty good......... I don't know if it is just me but that reintroduction of that off tune 2:34 just is messin with me. Like it shouldn't be there. I don't know.

Stavier responds:

Yeah, this song turned out strange. I realize that the part at 0:27 was kinda suckish cuz the bass guitar comes outta nowhere. Really glad you like the part at 2:06 cuz that's like an awesome break. I get what you're sayin' at 2:34, maybe it ruined the moment, not sure. Anyways, thanx for the review


I like the chill feel at the intro, and I agree with ladders down there, that part at the beginning was strange, but I just liked it for some reason. .
The guitars are great!

There is a spot or two that sounds just a little imperfect and a few dissonant in one or two places too, but overall I really like it!

It also got a little repetitive, but you did switch it up a little to keep it from getting boring. Though I'd still try to change up the main melody once or twice to keep it SPICY!

I could see tripping out, hearing this song, and seeing the blue air, and the purple sky!


Stavier responds:

Thanx for the detailed review. I'm very glad you liked the guitars cuz when i posted this song earlier, I got a review sayin' it was off so I fixed it. & ya, strangeness seems to be within the song :D I'm pretty sure I know watcha mean when you say some parts were dissonant. Also, when the solo was there & that synth kicked in around the middle or watever, the synth, I'm glad you noticed I switched it up & added that for taste. Thanx again for reviewing.

Odd but yet...

Nice name for the song. It sounds odd. Thats not a bad thing though. I'm just not used to listening to this part, 0:28. It grew on me though.

This song sound unique to me. It's strange, but... sounds good. I like what you did here.

Keep up the good work.

Stavier responds:

Thanx you very much. Yeah, I just wanted everythin' to pop out & then eventually it was suppose to just blend in. The feelin' was suppose to be a relaxin' techno, which in a way is strange since it has guitar, but strange is good. Thanx for reviewin' :)

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