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I find that people, especially friends, are never really there for you. When they're down, I'm there for my friends. I make time for family and friends. But when they're happy, they leave you to hang. They completely forget about you. Even when you need their support, they ignore you, they're enjoying themselves too much to care. But oh, when they get dumped or something bad happens, they come back crawling.
I should turn my back on you like you did to me. But I won't be like you. I will be the friend/person, I wish someone would be to me. "Be the change you want people to be" Gandhi
Sometimes, we have to suffer so others can be happy. I'm willing to risk it.
(This is a Demo Version. The final version will be released soon.)

I would try to continue even if i'm walking on empty,
brush my shoulders to those who pretend to be a friend to me.
I try to do what I promise, doing the best that I can
Forgive me if I ain't what you think, I am who I am

I don't need to cuss so I can demonstrate my animosity
"Be the change you want people to be," That's what Gandhi believed
One person can make a difference, set an example
Reach out to the people who want help and grab a handful

We the people are the ones who fill this world by billions
Despite the leaders who have control over the civilians
Battle after battle, war after war and we kill again
It happens to the best of us, enemies who were once friends

I've been told I'm a bad person, so they accuse
Cogently alleged, for simply speaking the truth
Preaching the youth,
For denying fictitious things on the news
freeing those under the influence and helping those abused

I chose my style, and this is how decide I to speak
Music is used in many forms, and I use it to teach
Music's a form of art, imagination is free
Life is short, don't be afraid to go and chase your own dreams

-OxyJin life.."The Mewzik You Breathe"

BEAT/INSTRUMENTAL MADE BY "BrokinPaper." Thank you.

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/410767
the final will be much better.

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Awesome.. Just awesome

I have every song you posted ur just awesome and anyone who disses you is.... i cant even think of a word your awesome dont stop

Awesome and emotional

You make best songs keep it up!
Man i got to say it again
You are the best!!!!

MYDBoi responds:

Lol, thank you, VERY much. =)
Appreciate your time, review and support fam =)


Ill illl ill...

Your music Amazes me, so much feeling, so much passion, and none of that filler man, curse words just to fill space. Yeah bro, you got something here, inshaa Allah (God willing) i'mma be gettin a nice mic in the office soon so I'll have a lab after hours. Would love to do something with you.. Something concious and with meaning, something that's missing from the scene.

MYDBoi responds:

Thanks again Hasan =D
Much love and respect man.
It's what mewzik is all about =) emotion, passion, stories. We don't need to cuss. That's why "rap" has such a bad reputation cause everyone cusses. Not that I mind, but be a difference, make a change. Show the people the real and original form of rap and poetry. Art at it's original.
Well let me know when you do get a mic =). I would love to collab with you =)


This is Dope

One of the best raps i've heard on newgrounds. Its really nice and down to earth something missing in alot of artists today, not all, but alot.

MYDBoi responds:

Thanks man =). True, it is missing in a lot of artists. There's a lot out there that sing/rap about stuff like this. But they're not heard. And the radio/media keeps mewzik like this off the radio etc.. =/
Thanks for the support and review man =)


Not possible

Unbelievable mate. Your song just touched my heart. I am tingling, shivering from just hearing this. You are so amazing. The message is down to earth, and it can relate to so many mate. You certainly did choose your own style. This isn't some typical mainstream fake music. This is art, you're teachings are just, wow.
Thank you for the motivation, I will chase my dreams. I've been doubting so much. But you make it seem possible, if you can rap this good. I can do what I love too, right? Thank you mate.
Once again 5 of 5 / 10 of 10 faved downloaded

PLEASE finish this mate :)

MYDBoi responds:

Thanx bro =D
Glad you liked it. Mewzik is everything man. Hopefully it spreads. Glad u can relate man.
Chase ur dreams, never give up. lol we can do anything, you just have to believe and trust urself. It's hard when u dont have many ppl to support you. I know from self experience. its all gud tho..


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Apr 5, 2011
1:40 PM EDT
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