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Annihilation: Overture

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This is the "Overture" for my new "Annihilation: A Space Opera" project. It has three parts: Annihilation Day, The Fall Of Xandar and The Last Nova. Annihilation Day is the day Annihilus brought his forces, known as the Annihilation Wave, to our universe from the Negative Zone. He targets major locations such as various Nova Corps (intergalactic police & peace keeping force) outposts and bases, the entire Skrull Empire, and even the homeworld of the Nova Corps, Xandar. The Skrull Empire falls, as well as Xandar. The destruction of Xandar is major blow to the forces that would oppose Annihilus. Nearly every single one of the thousands and thousands of Nova Centurions is killed in the assault... all except Richard Rider. Rider is awakened by the Xandarian computer mind known as Worldmind, and informed that he is the only one left. He learns that he houses the entire Nova Force, the massively powerful energy that gives Nova Centurions their abilties to police the universe. What was once a power spread amongst thousands, is now housed inside one man. Not only that, but the Worldmind is also housed within Richard's brain, adding an everpresent voice. This proves to be very useful, as the Worldmind is immensely intelligent and able to offer Richard an immeasurable tactical advantage. Alone, Richard Rider now has the power to conquer entire planets. Being the only "space cop" left in existence, he has one thing on his mind: stop Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave.

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Pretty decent

wow this was pretty good, i love how you start this off with drums and other sounds of instraments realy cameout well and flowed through the rest very well, so for starters this was awsome, there is a small build-up notbad but maybe it needs more faster there, with louder and more powerfull sounding stuff comming in, but for what it is its pretty impressive, nice work, i look forward for more stuff from you.

some improved buildup about halfway wouldnt hurt.



Wuld go well in Oblivion/Skyrim :)


another amazing peice! Im in awe of your talent of composing 3 seperate songs that all fit into and help the other pieces! great job!

How'd you do this?!

This is one of the most epic pieces of music I've ever heard on this entire website! What's really sweet is how you consistently keep up your beat. It might not be the longest one I have ever heard, that would probably be one of Kirbopher's remixes. It's great to listen to this becaue it gives you a true feeling of being in a great battle. It's a song so long you even had to divide it up into seperate parts! I am somewhat familiar with what you are talking about in the description.

It helps that I'm a Marvel fan. I don't seem to remember hearing the whole thing in the "Wrath Of God" submission that I played, probably because I didn't beat the game. You're a true tribute to people who work for a long time on audio submissions. I always strive to hear lengthy songs that keep your attention the whole way through. It shows that no time was wasted. Will you make the story into a flash?

OrphenFire responds:

Thank you so much (: I did spend several hours on this. But I don't know how to do flash. If a very good flash artist/animator wants to team up with me, I would be thrilled to create an animated version of the Annihilation story. It's one of the greatest graphic novels ever written, hence the reason I was so inspired to create this music.

Really great comp.

I agree with blazing dragon. He said everything I would say as well. But this is such a rarity to hear. There is still room for improvment though. Thats why I didnt give you a 10. Making it sound human is key to making it emotional and I think it's one of the hardest parts in composing music with samples.

Btw, the 6:00 mark = amazing.

Wonderful job and cant wait to hear the following parts.

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Apr 4, 2011
4:38 PM EDT
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