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Hey Newgrounds,

I was just playing a few notes on the keyboard the other day and thought I made a fairly nice melody by combining those notes. It's nothing huge, but I think it's still a decent song. However, that is, of course, something for you to judge ;)

Technical stuff:
Software used: Reason 4
Tempo in bpm: 140
Time signature: 4/4
Key signature: A minor (with a little surprise later in the song)

Hope you guys like it. Feedback is much appreciated, as always =)



For no obvious reason at all this song kind of makes me think of kitties dancing to some super cool tune or something close to it. Aside from that I see this as a really great tune. Kind of sounds like background music that would be used in a 90s anime of some sort actually which is actually pretty cool now that I think about that.

The xylophone sounding synth sounds great. The bass sounds extremely deep here though and I have no idea if that was intentional or not. The xylophone kind of makes me think of a circus at one point. I like how soft and chilled out the electronic drums sound here.

Overall, very soft and dancy.

Review Request Club

EagleGuard responds:

Kitties dancing to my music? Interesting idea =p

I made the bass sound that deep on purpose. Thought it'd be a good idea to actually spend a bit more time on EQ'ing than I usually do.

Thanks for the review!

Awesome :D

This is great. I guess the drums could be a bit louder, the bass drum is quite weak.
The drum rolls stuff things are awesometastic just like the main melody too.
The intro is great, got me really easily into the song.

The "surprise" part thing sounds cool too (:

EagleGuard responds:

Thanks! I'm guessing you didn't use headphones when you listened to this? The drum bass should sound a bit more powerful if you do. If you did use headphones however, then I guess it's just my personal taste you're hearing =p I don't like it when my drums are too heavy, so that's why I tend not to make them too loud.

Thanks for the review!

Good stuff!

The second I saw you submitting this to the RRC and I saw that you were getting 0-bombed I decided to go and five it like I usually do to songs which get undeserving 0's, but once I began hearing the song I started enjoying it and couldn't help but review it too :P. Anyway, again, this is another good song from you. I prefer some of your other submissions, but this is still pretty darn cool, and it shows that you're able to make orchestral/rock submissions and still make something Techno-ish like this. Nice :D.

The melodies are nicely done. It's not often you hear such a varied and well-written melody in Techno songs, since usually Techno melodies are simple and are used repeatedly throughout the song with some subtle variety. So yeah the melody really works out well here. I also heard your surprise at 1:41 and while I think the key change was great and had a smooth transition to introduce it and exit from it, I think I'm hearing a wrong note or two at 1:41-1:42 which is repeated at 1:47-1:48. It sounds sort of discordant, although I'm not too sure since I'm not really that experienced in music.

The instrumentation was nice. I liked the bass that played throughout the song. It filled the bass range nicely and gave the song a nice amount of depth along with the strings you used, which also fit well. Chimes, albeit a bit overused in my opinion, were nice. The synth at 0:46 sounds pretty much awesome, and I would've loved to hear more of it throughout the song because you only used it in one section and then it disappeared.

Also, one suggestion - maybe you could experiment with some pitch-bending/portamento on the synth? (I'm talking about doing something like the synth at 2:38 in this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtopG7 XPMUI) I think it would make it sound a lot more interesting, but that's just a suggestion.

Regarding the production, again I think this is too quiet. Take a look at the waveform and you'll see that there's quite a bit of headroom left and because of this, I'm forced to turn the volume up again to enjoy the song. Other than that, there are no other production issues, and the EQing was nicely done too, so nice work over there.

Now for the transitions... like in 'Dawn', the transitions here are awesome. I think you really have a knack for transitions, because your transitions are on the whole very smooth and fitting. My favourite transition would be the one at 0:32 - the way you introduced the drums and changed the style of the song from the intro was just excellent. Another great transition at 1:00 too. No complaints with the transitions! :D

The song structure is pretty good, although a bit confusing in terms of when you introduced the instruments and how much you used each instrument. When the part at 0:32 started I began hearing a synth riff by a new instrument, and then the synth section at 0:46, but then both of these synths disappeared and chimes were introduced. Then you spent the rest of the song playing around with the chimes and piano as the main instruments. Therefore I think that the sounds weren't used to their fullest, especially the synth at 0:46, like I already said.

Now, the percussion... Firstly I'll say that the bass drum rolls (such as the one at 0:31) were absolutely superb and I'm not sure why you only used them for the part around 0:30 - 1:00 and didn't use them for the rest of the song. The other percussion was fitting, albeit a bit repetitive and bland at times.

Not much to say about the intro and outro... I liked the intro, and the outro was good too, although I think you could've left the strings note playing for a bit longer and then fade it out.

All in all, this is a pretty good song. Some aspects of it like the transitions, instrumentation and composition were fantastic, but others such as the structure, production and the some of the percussion could use some work. Still, I always enjoy reviewing your songs because they're always well-made, catchy and enjoyable, and some really stand out as being awesome too. Keep up the good work!

-Review Request Club-

EagleGuard responds:

Thanks Steph, always a pleasure to receive your huge-ass reviews =p

I think I used the right scale of F-minor when the keychanging happens, so I'm not sure why you think the parts from 1:41-1:42 and 1:47-1:48 sound wrong. Or perhaps I'm becoming a bit tone deaf...

I know I neglected some of the synth instruments, like the second bass from 0:32-1:00 and the synth lead. The synth lead does return though. It's played very softly in the background during 1:27-1:54. Sorry for the chime-overkill, but I just love the sound xD

I rarely use pitch-bend, but I have to say, it would've been cool had I used it in this particular song. Pitch-bending was used more often in the 80's and 90's, so it would've been a good addition.

It's been a while since I last made something electronic, so perhaps that's why this one wasn't so great. I already stated that it wouldn't be huge though, but I needed some variation in my works =p

Thanks again for the review. Glad you like to write them xD

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Apr 2, 2011
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