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SSJ3 - Consumed by War

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Author Comments

Title: Consumed by War
Artist: SSJ3-Goku4567 (Shawn)
Soundfonts will be listed later.
Length: 5:25
Finish Date: Sometime in mid February, if I recall.


This song I wasn't originally going to upload to Newgrounds, but after thinking it over I thought "Meh, what the heck," and, well, here it is. Probably one of my most intense, completely orchestral pieces to date. Like it, don't like it, at least review it. I like to hear what people think of my work.

I had written a poem prior to making this song, and then this came out. Once again it started off random, then it picked up once I got into it. This one creates a feeling of solitude amidst the field of battle, trying to find a way out as countless bodies fall to your feet.

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well... damn...

Very nice beginning. I'm actually liking this alot.

1:45 - 2:39 => a bit repetitive and dull. The voice is VERY synthetically stretched, kind of ruining the whole feel of authenticity I had before.

2:40 - 3:14 => pretty much like the part before, making this repetitive.

3:15 => I'm starting to lose grasp of where you're intending to go, melodically speaking. I got sort of bored here onward.

In conclusion:
It had VERY good potential during the beginning, but then everything went crashing down little by little. A real shame, really.

I'll give you top marks for the structure used for the percussions. Bravo. I wish I were this good. Really really well done... but blended with the rest, however, a 7/10 is all I can give you. Sorry.

Shiverwar responds:

Ah, no worries. I knew this one wasn't my best either. I don't mind you giving me a 7/10, because I look for honesty, not constant praise, and honesty is exactly what I get from you. Thanks for your review.


This stuff is real badass if youre submitting it to... maybe, Runescape? lol, not to insult, but the drums sound like you pulled some plastic wrap out, strapped it over a pan and starting jamming out.

Shiverwar responds:

That's pretty much what Josh said too. xD I guess I wasn't thinking with the drums. Other than the drums, I like the rest of it. And now you've gotten into a few of my originals. And if you listen to the 320KBPS version of A Hero's Last Stand, listen to the original remastered version, because I only submitted that one for the folks who love high quality.

Interesting... Interesting...

I like where this piece goes. I've only got a couple of gripes.

First of all, you have access to the Mixer in your copy of FL Studio 9, yes? Have you used the Fruity Parametric EQ 2 before? Try it; EQ processes are great ways to shape your sounds. One sound in particular that could use some shape change would be that concert bass drum that's prevalent throughout the piece; with its current sound, the real-world equivalent is hitting the drumhead dead center -- a major no-no in concert bands and/or orchestras for most percussion instruments because it sounds like the percussionist is slapping a mallet against a wet sock. Remove some of the middle to middle-high frequencies (move down sliders 5 and 6 -- play around with their widths and knees, too!) and bring up some of the low to low-middle frequencies (move up slider 2, moving it right a touch and widening the frequency range of the slider). This will give your bass drum a darker, warmer tone that, you'll find, blends nicely into the soundscape.

If you know how to change the root key on the Fruity Soundfont Player, move your snare drum up 6-8 semitones. The result will be a brighter, tighter sound.

Otherwise, I love the progression of this piece and its relative simplicity. Keep up the good work, Shawn.


P.S.: If you don't have access to the Mixer, ignore my advice about the bass drum -- you could then either lower its note velocities down or find another soundfont.

Shiverwar responds:

Man, you do all the good reviews.

Well, this is what I get for asking for a review from a drummer. XD Oh well, I like the advice you give me. If I make a re-release of this, I'll be sure to try what you've given me.

Thank you again, man!

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Apr 2, 2011
12:54 AM EDT
File Info
12.5 MB
5 min 27 sec

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