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Off The Chain (Explicit)

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Author Comments

Much thanx to K Tek for another hard beat. I like performing this one. Here are the lyrics below thanx to the request of one Brandon Baxter, super cool guy!! Someone also just pointed out that its pretty hard to read and keep up as the verse plays, I cant keep up myself and I wrote the shit XD

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/410205

Download at link above, will replace with a one click download link soon.

Capitol I double M, O he on fire

If I aint the truth you a motherfucking liar

I tear it up, from switching the lanes to hitting dames

Chicks save my rubbers and hang them up in picture frames

What I got, is what haters lack

I spit writ it, re-did it and elevated ahead of the pack

So you can say what you want as long ads you dont

Ever feel like they fucking with STAX, get it right

Im down for Eddie V, ride with Young B, mob with K TEK

Best not mistake me for a joke, the last laugh is mine

So when them n***a hating just tell them I said HA!!

I, deliver packages subliminal, give them to criminals

Cynical tricks witness a miracle every time Im ripping these syllables

Spitting material never being fictional, pen like picasso's

Im here to paint a picture so pay attention my ink is not refillable

Painting all so called competition invisible

to retreat before defeated is sensible

Be tight as you want to be, next to me you looking pitiful

The block could be hot anywhere that I go

It dont really matter cuz I been this cold

Dont talk to fast dont think too slow

Im ten steps ahead of your best foot forward

Down, to beat a n***a down for the cause

I run with the vets, so aint no issue with your dogs

And I never give a fuck about a snitch or the law

I been on top of the block you will never see me crawl at all

Down talking aint smart, shouldnt run your mouth to n***az that break jaws

this aint a fair fight, go get your dogs,

And Im slap all yall till it sound like applause


Everywhere I go,

I be off the chain with it, yea they know my name and it

Dont matter where I roam, they gone put me on

I be off the chain with, I do my thang and it

Dont matter where I roam, Everywhere I go

I be off the chain with it, yea I do my thang and it

Dont matter where I roam, they gone put me on,

I be off the chain with it, yea they know my name and it

Dont matter where I go

I seen a couple of struggles and shrugged them off like its nothing

not what I been through but where Im headed the reason Im hustling

And half of me dont give a fuck, the other dont give a shit

& I aint got time to sit here to see which half of me wins

Out of hope out of luck, Im not for looking for help

Why put my back on the wall, and assume I dont know its there?

I Grind 24/7/12/365 what makes it more even/odd

thats how often haters jock.

My hood boasting more liquor stores than libraries,

educating the youth is another burden that I carry

Scary when I think of the true power that I inherited

Many before me had it and I watched them waste and bury it

Carry that on my shoulders so its always in mind

Motivation weighed down on negative, that part of me died

Martin Luther King had a dream, Immo Stax got the plan

Im changing the game and history but never who I AM

STAX on the block with his hat tipped low

Like I work in a bank vault, Im getting to the dough

Foes like candles put out with one blow

Respect is not a choice dont raise your tone

Not a shit starter but soon as the shit start, I rip the shit apart

Bitch you aint hard

ME? NO FEAR, 100% HEART, I drag you out your house

And stomp you in the yard

Face mop the deck from pulling your own card

I choke hold throats and launch n***az like darts

I love going creeping I be waiting for some fog

I whup ass for cash I be waiting for you calls

590-0775, my packages start off at 29.99

What it is, what it do, what the fuck bitch n***az who is YOU?

N***az want to go to war...


oh shitz

fast and extremely audible! thanks for posting the lyrics, but no need..u spit clear enough that they arent needed. great quality! 5d and downloaded again! no complaints, only compliment!


You own the mic brah!!

main since day one we chilled you never for evah nevah disappoint, every verse you spit always goes hard brah much love main. geeeuuuuhhh!!!!

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Immo responds:

MUCH love and respect, you was with me from day one, I cant ever forget that, I owe you big time!!! Hit me up K Tek tells me the DJ gig is working out for ya!!! YEEEUUUHHH!!!!

You're a fucking beast

Enough said.

People find this review helpful!
Immo responds:

THANX!!!! I will do my best to get better, I really appreciate your words!!! Thats motivation!!!

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3.77 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2011
7:38 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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3 min 29 sec

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