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Told you I'd get back to serious songs! Here's one about the people who claim they'd do "anything" for love.

So tell me, how far would you go for love?

This fantastic beat was made by MustyElbow (Check him out, fantastic work!)


There was a man, his name was Mike, such an ordinary man
He lived his life simple according to his plan
Lived alone, 22, knew exactly what to do
Stuck to his plan tighter than crazy glue
Don't misconstrue, he was a good guy, morals in place
His religion: Superstition, didn't want to fall from grace
He feared death and the prospect of being erased
From the planet, couldn't stand it, and he had so many ways

To stop from thinking about it, to distract his mind
But one day he came home from from his job to find
A note left for him, he read it slowly and gasped
The reason lost on him, reality hard to grasp
See Mike had a girlfriend he'd been dating for years
Losing her was rooted in the deepest of his fears
He loved her so dearly, read the note again clearly
He could feel the eyes of the devil on him; peering

The note didn't ask for ransom, he wasn't rich
They wanted him to murder for her; that was the gist
"Kill three innocent people or we murder the bitch.
You have an hour, just throw their bodies into this ditch."
Address enclosed, his eyes then closed and his breath grew deep
And when he opened them again accepted he wasn't asleep
He screamed so loud, fell to his knees, tears welled up in his eyes
Without giving so much thought he then geared up in a disguise

See Mike was not a killer, but tonight he'd commit homicide
For the love of his life he'd make sure three others died
Nightmare consuming quickly, sun had just set
With no elegant weapon a kitchen knife was his best bet
"And don't forget the time limit" said the voice in his head
Panic getting better of him, had to leave some people dead
He knelt down and said a prayer, asking god to forgive
He didn't ask for this task, just wanted his love to live

And with a sob and a breath he took off into the night
To find the first three people and to steal away their life
It didn't feel right, but Mike wasn't gonna let his girlfriend die
Perched in an alleyway a woman walking caught his eye
And so with one swift motion grabbed her, ready to attack
Softly said "I'm sorry," and with that plunged the knife into her back
Trying not to get caught, the cycle was set to repeat
Did the deed, grabbed the bodies and set off to retreat

Dumped the bodies in the ditch and got his girlfriend back safely
Look at him in disgust, or say that he acted bravely
Now Mike never got caught, but he lived with the shame
Every day from then on it weighed heavy on his brain
Slowly driving him insane, his regrets were not in vain
Haunted by the experience which soon became his bane
He did what it took to save her, in his head it was right
So tell me, how much do you value love and unknown human life?

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Nice bro. Good flow, great message.


Check our stuff out when you can. Thanks.

Clean flow, well edited, and the rhymes could be better, but the message was crystal clear. The music fit to the lyrics, and everything seemed to be suited for each other. Terrific job man, kudos goes to you for being able to write like that on time and cue.

Rhymes Could be Better

I really like the idea you've got here, but the song goes out of the way a lot to rhyme. It sounds like a bit of clever vocabulary and you wouldn't have had to make the lyrics sound so forced. The beat and voice weren't really my thing, either. For the voice, I think it was mostly the combination between that and the lyrics, and as for the beat... I'm not into hip-hop much, but I generally prefer more oldschool-style stuff.

Interesting concept, though.

3.21 / 5.00 (+ 0.46)

Nice flow. This track has some good lyrics, really makes you stop and think: What would you do in that situation? I like it a lot.

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Mar 28, 2011
6:15 PM EDT
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