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Still an amateur rapper, made the beat and lyrics all by myself. I dedicate this song to Hoa, one of my messed up classmates.

Verse 1
I knew this kid named Hoa,
he was in 7th grade,
everyone called him sh*t,
'cause he had no brain.
Yeah, he's fifteen,
but he's still in middle school,
he stumbles and he trips and he's considered a fool.
He's Vietnamese,
going through puberty,
he's gotta problem with speech,
his voice cracks and it squeaks,
he's gotta problem with speech,
that's why he has no friends.
Kids like this only come around now and then.
Everyone's growing,
but he's still 5 feet.
Beat up in the halls and beat up on the streets,
everyday eats rice, dropped out of school twice.
Him with a girl? Think twice, no dice.
And he smells like sh*t,
no sense of hygiene.
Same clothes everyday,
and undersized jeans.
No sports he can play,
he's too small,
always falling down and can never catch a ball,
and he could never fight.
He's too soft, everyday in class,
all he does is sleep off.
Plus, he like a ragdoll.
He barely walk, never talk,
with knee-high socks, with pants showing them off.

Hoa, he's a Hoa, He's a Hoa,Hoa,Hoa,Hoa,Hoa
Hoa, he's a Hoa, He's a Hoa,Hoa,Hoa,Hoa,Hoa
Hoa, he's a Hoa, He's a Hoa,Hoa,Hoa,Hoa,Hoa
Hoa, he's a Hoa, He's a Hoa,Hoa,Hoa,Hoa,Hoa

Verse 2
The sh*t gets harder, it never gets better
that's the life for us people
that are yellow as cheddar.
But Hoa's got it worse, guess he's born with a curse
to be a clumsy loser,
someone call a nurse.
Always trippin', scrapin' his knees
on the concrete, on the sidewalk,
like I said, ragdoll.
He can barely walk, and he never talk,
knee-high socks, and he could never be a jock.
Matter of fact, he can't do anything right.
Can't make any friends, and in school he ain't bright.
And i guarantee you, it's 'cause he's got two parents,
both Asian, that kind that are not caring.
Asian parents, all they do is beat us, force feed us
with this rice, and they ain't never nice.
Never buy us clothes,
Hoa's got pants from 5th grade.
We're both Asian, but at least I have great
hygiene. See, he's nothing like us.
He's and alien, and one of these days,
Hoa will have to wake,
and stop kicking people,
and telling them to shut up.
No one can be his friend,
'cause Hoa is f*cked up.



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Mar 26, 2011
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Hip Hop - Olskool
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