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Journey to the Afterlife

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Author Comments

Before saying anything, I'd like to say that this is a remix of one of the parts present in Buoy's song "Shadow People" (the part at 2:42). Check out the original version here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/362888

Shadow People is one of my favourite Newgrounds submissions and, being so obsessed with it, I couldn't help remaking my favourite part in the song and making a whole new track out of it. Since the part I'm referring to in Shadow People is less than a minute long, I stretched it out by adding an intro and outro, and added some new melodies and sections.

This uses East/West for everything except the drums which are Stormdrum, and some wind-chimes being a very random wind-chime sample I found. This also features a tempo change, and various solos including a flute solo and a piano solo. I tried to give this a sort of adventurous yet mystical sound to it.

Also sorry if this sounds a bit half-assed in some parts. I rushed a few parts because I had a lot of school stuff to do. Therefore I don't see this to be one of my best submissions, although I'm still quite proud of it.

Anyhow, thanks for listening, and check out Buoy's original version too. It's a lot better than mine. Enjoy the submission!

EDIT: Fixed some volume levels, made the double bass and piano a slight bit bassier, added a new part at the end and made the song last exactly three minutes. Thanks to Buoy for all these suggestions.

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Once in a while a track is made, that I just don't know how to review, because I can't find any flaws. This is one of them.

I'm seriously amazed at this. It sounds so clear, it sounds professionally made, it amazes me that this is the work of one man. All the different instruments and elements fit together perfectly, the mastering is just perfect, this is a display of true, pure talent.

This one is going into my favorites.

Review Request Club

Step responds:

Dear God man, this is probably one of the nicest reviews I've received in ages, haha.

Thanks a million! I've always been quite happy how this submission turned out even though I rushed it since I had work to do at the time.

Thanks again :3.


This totally reminds me of something that you would hear in like Halo or M.G.S. Incredible Work Steph!

Love the orchestral elements of this song sooo much dude; The Strings and piano fit together beautifully.
I also really like the dynamics behind this song, and the driving drum rhythm that breaks in completely tops it off.
The mastering sounds brilliant AF... what can I say?...
except this track is a masterpiece!

Amazing work bro
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

Step responds:

Wow thanks! Really glad you like so many different things in this song. I'm also surprised you compared this to MGS soundtrack, because I've always loved that soundtrack :P.

Thanks a lot for the review!

Very interesting.

I just had to review this one, at least, even if I couldn't get many other reviews done. It's quite well-done, the composition is also very good, which was a bonus for me.

0:00-0:20 Beautiful build-up of the strings and piano, it has a distinctly wistful and sad tone to it.
0:20-0:40 I'm not quite sure about the shaker here. It doesn't seem to fit, but it does work with all the other parts. I think there could have been a bit more of a buildup with other instruments. It does tie the percussion together though, so I suppose I can't go after it overly much.
0:40-1:00 I love the choir(s?) behind the tune and doing some chording. They flesh the song out a lot more than it would be otherwise.
1:00-1:22 The piano makes a comeback! And with some incredibly good percussion underneath it. I know there's a lot underneath the piano, but the piano stands out the most to me in this section. I really liked the little percussion triplet (I think it's a triplet) at the end of 1:05. The section ends with the tempo slowing down, which works extremely well. Kudos for that.
1:22-1:32 Wow. That's a very nice flute you have there. My only problem with it is the vibrato. Doesn't make it seem as realistic, and everything else, I think sounds like it could have been played by real people.
1:32-1:44 The little string and horn doubling of the melody works very well here, it brings it out a little more before going into a piano section once again.
1:44-2:07 This has to be my favorite part. The piano sounds wonderful here, very realistic, and full of emotion. It ends with a tempo change going back up to the initial tempo, along with a bit of percussion.
2:07-2:29 Back to the part at 0:40-1:00. Not much to say about this, other than it fits quite well.
2:29-2:38 Interesting little part here. I don't think it's quite as good as the other bits, more of a transition to the outro.
2:38-3:00 Very nice outro, it has a recognizable tune, tying into the rest of the piece. This fits so well, and the way it ended was quite good as well. I much enjoyed the little wind-chime sound fading in the background after the last note.

Melody: Beautiful, it has quite a sound to it. I enjoy that you made a tune that could have sounded like more of an emotional song into one of the "epic" songs that sound like a journey. Whether that journey is to the afterlife... well, that I don't think fits quite as well.
Percussion: Fits in extremely well, and has some nice catchy rhythms.
Backing harmony: Also very good, it doesn't get in the way, except in the part at 1:00-1:22. Perhaps the levels could be tweaked a bit, but I don't think it really needs it, to tell the truth. It still works.
Intro: Good. I don't have much to say here that I haven't in the first time-sectioned bit.
Outro: Very good. I said everything I wanted in the last time-sectioned bit.

A solid 10/10 from me, in the end. Awesome job!

-Review Request Club-

Step responds:

Wow, this review is fantastic. Thanks a lot!

I appreciate that you went and reviewed this among all of the requests. To be honest one of the reasons why I requested this is because I was hoping that you'd review this because your reviews are awesome :P.

I'll respond to most of the points in your review...

To be honest the intro isn't something I worked too hard on. I wanted it to start very softly and progressively move on to the 'epic' part at 0:40, without making the progression too gradual. I see exactly what you mean about the shakers. They do stand out a bit too much over there and don't seem to mingle well in that part. I'm not very creative with different percussion sounds so I just wanted to add some soft percussion there and the shaker is all that came to mind xP.

Yep, those are choirs. Just an 'ooh' choir that comes with the orchestral VST I'm using (East/West Symphonic Orchestra Silver). Really awesome VST.

The part at 1:00 is actually a harp not a piano, believe it or not :P. I should've turned it up more and turned down the strings a little, so that it can actually make some more significance. The piano comes in a little later playing low notes at 1:11.

I'm also very happy you like the percussion. I like to think that I'm not terrible at orchestral percussion, even though I may lack in other areas :3.

The tempo-change is something I do very often in my orchestral songs. Really helps to give a little more variety, I think, although transitioning to the slower part can be tough sometimes.

The flute is from East/West and all the instruments there are recorded from actual instruments, so I wasn't surprised when you said it sounds like it could have been played live. I love using vibrato on my flutes though, you're not the first to point it out. Must be a bad habit. D:

Haha 1:32 is probably the part I'm most proud of.

I play piano myself so I'm glad you like the piano solo. It's not the first time I did a piano solo (actually I use pianos in my songs a lot. I love piano). The sample is also from East/West, it's got a very nice Steinway B sample.

This song is actually a remix of SBB's song Shadow People, so I shouldn't take full credit for the composition. I changed his melody around a lot though, completely changed the structure and the flute/piano melodies were all by me, but the main melody is still his. You should check out the song if you get the time: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/362888

If you go to 2:42 of that song you'll hear the melody which I remixed.

So yeah at 2:29 in this song, that little transitional melody is part of a melody that plays in Shadow People. It works as part of the melody in his song but here I just showcase it as a buildup to the outro.

Good thing you think 2:38 fits well as an outro. I originally didn't have it but SBB suggested I add it. I'm not so good at changing stuff in a song once I've finished it, so I was hoping that part would fit alright after I edited it in.

All in all, thanks a lot for the great review and the constructive criticism. These types of reviews are the reviews I enjoy getting the most!

Glad you liked it, and oh well, I suppose the response ended up bigger than the review. I'm sorry xP.

Very good

The start made me think of the intro to Kingdom Hearts II actually, not bad for a game anyways. This is a great remix of his tune. Wonder if he will remix this on top of your remix? Oh my, that would be completely interesting I think to see that happen. Feels kind of like it would do well as a boss battle piece as well I think so that works out too.

The flute is calming and eases your mind as the battle wages on against the dark clone of yours who seeks to destroy everything you know and love so dearly. The piano strikes a lot and gives a feeling of a bit more calmness in the battle as you try your hardest to find their weakness.

The drums and chimes give a dynamic and epic feel to the battle as you keep going never giving up the battle for as long as your will, mind, spirit, and body will allow you.

Overall, epic boss battle piece.

Review Request Club

Step responds:

Hey, thanks! This is the first review I got in weeks and I appreciate it!

I'm pleasantly surprised that you think this sounds like boss battle music. It won't make ideal boss music because of the mellow piano/flute/harp parts, but it's still nice to know that the parts which I intended to sound 'epic' paid off!

Thanks again!

Very nice.

The style reminds me of something straight out of a FF game.

Now for the actual song:

Having not heard 'Shadow People', I still have to say this is impressive. The build-up is very nice, and the end simply blew me away.

Very well mixed, very well done, great job.

Step responds:

Thanks! The ending sounds a lot better than it used to, undoubtedly thanks to SBB's advice of using another melody from Shadow People. It turned out quite well and now the ending is one of my favourite parts :3.

You should definitely hear Shadow People, or at least the part which I remixed. It's one hell of a good song.

Thanks again!

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4.59 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2011
2:35 PM EDT
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