Strawberry Clock's Rant

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The first of Strawberry Clock's rants! Wee!


Dammit I'm posting this anyway

This is NOT a review of this audio. This is a review of your Ashley Movie that got blammed too quickly for me to submit my review.

First off all Condolences. I'm sorry for your loss. But...

You ARE exploiting something here. Whether or not you are ignorant of your own exploitation is debatable.

You took a tragedy and used it to ram an issue down your audiences throat. Kinda like the Bush administration rammed 9-11 down our throats.

What did you say to us with this?

Homophobes are bad. Ashley was good. Ashley killed herself.

Why should I give a shit? You told me nothing about why Homophobia was bad. Nothing about why Ashley killed herself, and even less about who EITHER of you are.

This SEEMS like a middle finger to those who persecute YOU under the guise of an attack on those who persecuted your friend. It seems selfish. You and Ashley weren't a couple when it happened. You implied as much. Which seems like you are claiming what might well be undeserved sympathy. A pity party just for you. It seems like you're 15 and you don't know shit.

Now before you can blindly retort. No I don't know how it is to be you. But that's because you didn't tell me.

Now... Why did I bother to reply?
Because I'm on your side. And this kind of thing has the exact opposite effect our side needs. No one pities you. I'm disgusted. The Homophobes use this as self-vindication. And gay rights suffers.

You're right Fuck homophobes. But, now what?

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

Holy shit what's a long review.
Anywho, I'll keep all that in mind next time I resubmit a flash with her in it.


How Much Blow didja sniff to make this?lol

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

If caffine = weed, then a hole HELLOFALOT.

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Oct 18, 2003
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New Wave
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