I Think I Need a Drink

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We hope you enjoy our collaboration for St Patrick's Day!

"Happy Beer Day! Big thanks to Josh & Chris (PG & Merlin) for making this kick-ass song!"

"This song was a lot of fun to work on. Everything in it is live recordings. Drums/Guitar/Mandolin/Mel odica/Shaker by me, Drunken Shenanigans by PG, the voice of an angel and flute by Hania. And Hania, thank you so much for working on this song with me, and for sending clean recordings that fit perfectly into this ridiculous song. And Josh... yeah.
And to anyone listening, don't bother asking me, I can't understand him either, even after I edited over an hour of his audio to make this."

"I though that for this St Patty's Day I'd like to make an irish drinking song for the modern working man. I spent a couple hours throwing some rhymes together and a weekend recording the worst vocals/fake accent you will ever hear. It sounded way better at the time... when I was drunk. This song would have never happened without Merlin, and Hania was the icing on the cake with that epic flute solo and her blessed voice that made the chorus actually sound good. Too bad merlin tried to sing too..."


Lyrics (Because a drinking song is no good if you can't sing along):

Well I was in my cubical, just another day
of working for a douchebag at minimal pay
Tapping on a keyboard, and staring at the clock,
I seemed like forever before I could be off
My job was so boring, It drove me insane
Who would have thought life could be so mundane
I sat there at my desk, and all I could think,
is things would be better if I only had a drink

You start with a whiskey shot, just to feel warm
but it's not quite enough so you have yourself two more
you hear a song and you sing along it fills your heart with cheer
So you grab yourself another shot and a frothy pint of beer

Tura lura lye lura lye lura lee
If I have a drink with you will you have a drink with me?
Tura lura lye lura lye lura loo
If you have a drink with me, well, I'll have a drink with you

I opened up the internet so I could find a game
I'd mingle with my co-workers, but they are all lame
the water cooler talk, well I fuckin' despise
Dancing stars and Idols, I wish they'd all die
When I was young man I didn't feel this way
I worked with my mates and we laughed every day
As I recalled the good times, well I could only think
As soon as I get out of here I'll have myself a drink.

A dirty stool by the bar was where I did sit
next to a scuffy man who smelled a wee like shit
The barkeep, he poured a shot and I though about me day
but a few drinks in I grew a grin - my worries washed away
The feller' beside me was now my best mate
we sang and we drank till the hour was late
I stumbled home on my own and I could only think,
it was an amazing night, I'm glad I had a drink.

I woke in the mornin', A throbbin' in my head
It took near an hour to crawl out me bed
As the room was a spinnin', my belly, it did heave
A groan in my bowels said it was time to leave
I stumbled to the shitter, I pissed out my arse
They say you feel like dying, I think I felt worse
as my bowels were draining, well I could only think
Oh lord if you help me I'll give up the drink

Oh lord if you help me... I'll give up the drink.

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i HAVE been in Ireland, and this pretty well sums it up.

funny song! makes me smile!

Guitar tabs?

Please please please!

I absolutely adore this song. :)

Great job!

I've been waiting nearly 10 years for the guitar tabs!

Actually really good.

I've never been a fan of this type of music. But the hilarious lyrics and catchy hook make it impossible not to like it. You definitely do a great voice here and you do great impression of a drunk. Although I'm pretty sure it's not an impression. Anyways, I really liked Hania's addition to the song because I love her voice, and that flute was also nice to hear. I thought this sounds just like what you were striving for here.

NAC Judge

I Think I Need a Drink
Bonus points for using your own voices. (.2) The instruments were severely drowned out by the vocals however. I thnk more care could have been taken to make the vocals more pleasing, you obviously all can sing, and it seems a bit rushed. I can definitely see large Irish lads drinking to this jig. Good job maintaining the feel of Irish drinking songs for this contest! My foot was tappin and I had the urge to chug a pint of lager for sure.
Overall, this song met the criteria of the contest and was definitely in the spectrum of Irish folk music.
8.2 .

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Mar 17, 2011
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