- LD - Rolling House

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Greetz newgrounders,

This a first time for me attempting to write celtic music, and I decided to go with an irish slip jig. It's not a cover of any tune, it's completely original writing. It's in 9/8 time with a little metric borrowing from 6/8 briefly. Took a lot of experimenting to start to get that celtic feel.

The imagery is of a band playing in a small village covered with rolling grassy hills and small houses.

Definitely an interesting genre. I might write a few more just for fun; however this one specifically is for the March NAC contest.



NAC Judge

- LD - Rolling House
I did not like the intro. After the intro the melody is fantastic however. The intro melody clashes a bit with its notation. I really felt like the success of this piece would have been so much better had there been clearer instruments. The ones chosen seem to have vibrato built into the sustaining of the notes and it tends to mud up the harmonies and melody a tad. The percussion was AMAZING.
Overall this was a good song and met the criteria of the contest for sure. I was tapping and swinging to the beat/melody.

Breed responds:

Yeah the intro melody gets off on a bad start right away. It's my biggest regret in this piece. Absolutely right about the bagpipes and fiddle clashing and muddying even more during its sustained vibrato too. Thanks for the great review!

NAC Judging

Well.. it's not REALLY celtic.. I mean yes you have the dancing percussiveness in the bg, however it sounds more like a festival celebration in the andes, or something out of the game chrono cross hehe.. also I found some of the harmonics to just sound.. off, and waaay too much vibrato on that flute, which I found took away from the feel a bit. Still it is a peppy tune and you go have a good celebration feeling going - I just find it deviates a bit away from the celtic feel.


Breed responds:

This is a VERY traditional style celtic folk form called a Jig. Usually in 6/8 or 9/8 and in dorian or mixolydian mode. So thats just pure wrong on your part sorry. Theres really nothing latin about it to make it sound like a celebration in the andes either. The harmonics did sound off at a good number of places--im not that great in that mode yet, but they are all tonal regardless. Not off just not good choice of harmonic functioning. The flute vibrato only sounds after about 2 seconds so you only hear it on long notes....so not sure why you think its some ridiculous amount. Not trying to be a dick but I think you just didn't really know whats going on in this piece at all.

NAC Judging

Although this one has the right intents, it failed on many level, the samples sound a bit fake which can be acceptable to a point, the melodies are often off key with weird notes and I could say almost out of tune sometimes, like in the very beginning and the structure is a bit weird. It still keeps a certain celtic aspect to it, regarding the instrument selection. But it has many faults that brings its score down.

Breed responds:

Not offkey but strange yeah. Its in mixolydian mode which has some strange harmonics that I wasnt able to get around very easy. Also its in 9/8 so the rhythm can be hard to follow too. Instruments are pretty bad but it's all I had. The melody in the beginning starts off horrible. Thats my main regret.

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Mar 16, 2011
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