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NGHH'11 - Steve vs EpiTroll

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Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2011 - MC Knock Out Out SteveGuzzi vs EpilepsyTroll
Beat by MustyElbow

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Verse 1 - SteveGuzzi
Verse 2 - EpilepsyTroll
Verse 3 - SteveGuzzi
Verse 4 - EpilepsyTroll

Leave your decision on the winner in a review.

Verse 1 - SteveGuzzi
big red, what the heck? i'm gettin pissed now
you won't let my buddy in this shit... but we get this clown?
check it... i think you just got trolled Big
so watch me wreck this epileptic and then detonate his toll bridge
he's gonna taste defeat on a beat by MustyElbow
in other words this herb here will be eating feeding on my shell toe
fuck with Steven and i'll foot-in-mouth disease him
hit the strobelight and watch the seizure seize him up & freeze him

Verse 2 - EpilepsyTroll
yeah i knew i guy who woke up with his anus sore because he,
had a few to many with some guido named Steve Guzzi,
I make you look like trash, aight Guz? too much for you to handle
you'd better find a flashlight cuz you just won't hold a candle
i'll tell you man I ain't no troll, I'm here and I mean business,
those cracks about my name got old, that how you plan to win this
you must be limbless cause you're having trouble grasping defeat
those dumbass raps that you've amassed in contrast make mine elite
take a seat

Verse 3 - SteveGuzzi
yeah yeah whatever faggot, you got killed in eight lines
of my simplest shit, i could literally sit, chill and waste this time
ha... okay guys, who wants to hear a funny joke?
you heard the one about the epileptic seizuring ghost?
yo... he was see-through like Casper, glass and smoke
scared people? no, they would just all laugh when he spoke
cuz the way he spit it sounded like a gag and a choke
as if a big dick was poundin at the back of his throat... gross

Verse 4 - EpilepsyTroll
you make fun of my voice? that's unfair, it hurts yo
you're one to talk you sound just like a Claritin commercial
your line about the ghost was like deja vu,
oh thats right, Exceptid used that one last year too,
come on Steve just fold you're a line recycler,
your lyrics so old they should be put on life alert,
ain't no James Cameron, hammering out a blockbuster flick,
you're just yammering, stammering with your hand on your dick
Such a prick, you think you're better than me you little bastard?
tripping, slipping 'long some easy beat that I got mastered?
thats the last word

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Despite EpilepsyTroll being off-beat and weak in delivery, he seemed to throw more personals to me.

Steve V1 - Comes with a strong opener, then puts in the expected name disses with epilepsy and trolls.

Epi V1 - Overall structure seems better than Steve's and there's a lot of charisma behind the name diss flip. The anus sore and candle lines were kind of a waste of bars though.

Steve V2 - Horrible choice to recycle the name diss. No personals here and a gay joke at the end. Weak rhymes despite having decent flow.

Epi V2 - Voice flip, deja vu personal. Runs off beat a little toward the end but you're really good at bending words and making slant rhymes.

Pretty evenly matched but Steve fell off with his second verse. I'd give it to EpiTroll if voting were still open.

steve wins

epilepsy is just a pussi and i hateed both rappers but steve won steve was being too much of an.. idk wat u call it but he thinks u have to be pissed to rap i guess
but he won even though both suck


I Would Like To Say That You Basically "Killed" him
in Every Bar, Every Line. That 3rd Verse was Killer!
But, the "as if a big dick was poundin at back of his throat..."
Was Totally strange..... In Every Strong Battle A Penis, Cock,
Dick, And Other Stuff appears in the MIDDLE of a line in a verse.

First Of All, I Don't Remember any Exceptid's Verse Talking
About A "Deja Vu Joke". And You Also Need a better Mic.
Most Of Your Verses I Couldn't understand.
But, That 4th Verse Was Very Killer! It Was Great.
"Claritin Commercial". They Appear Here Randomly
in Brazil! LOL.

¬Dinosaur Hex, Not Rex.¬

Guzzi wins

Guzzi delivered the lyrics in a way that you could actually hear them. Epilepsy had decent lyrics, but he had a shitty mike and it actually hurt to listen to him.

EpilepsyTroll sucks

Steve Guzzi wasn't TOO much better, but at least he spit his shit on time and had decent delivery. Guzzi wins imo

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Mar 14, 2011
4:24 PM EDT
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