The 16th Hour (DJ Dela Remix)

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This a remix of one of Deadmau5's great songs, that I did in about 4-5 hours.
Well, it is more of a remake than a remix. :P
I think it might be a bit repetetive, but whatever, just tell me what do you think.

Edit: modified and reuploaded

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Love it man! One of my favorite deadmau5 songs in general! Downloaded it and might use it in a level in the one and only top 10 rated game, Geometry Dash :)

amazzzzing song

i love this song i listen to it all the time and the bass is amazing i had subs hooked up while this song was playing and it was like i had a new heart beat ive been a house critic for a year and this is my favorite. but i do need to point out that the buildup in the intro is a little boring but that is the only flaw. when a buildup is created it is suposed to keep the people wanting to see what happens when they listen to more. the upbeat buildup at 00:30 is when the real suspense happens and than it led into the fade out and into the mind orgy of bass. i am only a critic not a smartmouth troll so keep up the good work and cheers.

DJDela responds:

thanks man, glad you like it

Okay this is yours

So this is obviously what your work REALLY sounds like, and it's not bad!
It may not OMGROCKMYSOCKZORZ, but you're getting there.
Just keep at remixes like THIS and original tracks; the skill will come with time and a substantial amount of effort.

(P.S. Calling me and idiot and lashing out was pretty childish :/. you did NOT compose the melody for Hey Baby, and the sample work was pretty obvious... not trying to be a dick, that was never my intention, but you CANNOT pass off work from someone like Deadmau5 or Benni Benassi and expect it to go unnoticed... It's not like I'm bashing on you as an artist, zero bombing all your shit, or even questioning your talent... just sayin')

DJDela responds:

But dude, I did not use any samples, if you wan't me to send you the flp to see what I did, then ok, send me a pm.
It was my own work, making the melody, similar to his.
I never want to get into arguments like these, but also I can't just let someone say things like that.
Well at least thank you for taking your time to listen to my audio.


I'm not a professional but I know a phenomenal song when I hear it. This is one of the few songs that I enjoyed every second of (Literally). Great work.

p.s- I don't write much reviews but I just had to write one after hearing this.

A Review...

He has a tendency of making his tracks very repetitive, but i believe half the reason is for mixing purposes.
This track is off of his "Lack for a Better Name" Album, most of the tracks on that one were pretty dull to say the least, but you picked an interesting track to "remix".

or the into take out that pad and let that fade in while the high frequency synth is playing-it just sound better-.
The kicks could be toned down a bit-in that they are a bit hard, make them more bass-y. Like tone down the cut-off or something.

In his song what breaks the repetition is a nice trancy melody, listen to it it's around 2 mins. I recommend putting that in your song, it will definitely give it that edge.
Otherwise everything sounds clean and nice. I like the sweeps and side-chaining you got in there. (very much like Deadmau5)

Overall, I'd say its less or a remake, more of a remix. Good job!
5/5 & 8/10

DJDela responds:

Hmmm, about the kick... maybe because I used Audacity to remove noise, and make is sound as close as possible, it didn't turn out quite as expected.

And about that trancy melody, that is exactly what i tried to replicate, but of course it can never be as good as his song.

Thank you for reviewing, I will, maybe, try to fix what you suggested... :)

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Mar 14, 2011
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