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<EagleGuard> Dawn

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Author Comments

Update 2:
I've redone some of the EQ and mastering, so hopefully further changes aren't necessary.

The bass is quite loud when I use my headphones, but other people don't seem to experience the same problem. If you think there's too much bass, please let me know!

Hello people that call Newgrounds their home,

Yes, it has been a while, I know... I've been busy with school and stuff, and if that isn't enough, I really lacked inspiration the last couple of weeks (months?).

Anyway, enough with the blog, here's the technical stuff:

Software used: Sonar 8 Producer Edition
Tempo in bpm: 90
Time signature: 4/4
Key signature: C minor

I tried to create a sense of loss or darkness in the beginning, which then changed into something epic later on during the song. That's why I picked the name 'Dawn' for this particular piece of music, the transition from darkness to light.

Hope you guys like it! Please leave a comment if you do =)

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Nice stuff

-Surely has been a while since i've browsed the audio portal. Recognized the name and remembered that you've put out some gems so I figured i'd start with something i'd enjoy listening to rather than a jumbled mess that needs tons of critiqueing.

-First and foremost I never got the chance to listen to this before the changes but it seems like you have the bass in check as it isn't too loud or overpowering. I actually had to turn up the volume on my headphones a little for the finer details.

-For the melodies I did find that they sound very nice but progressions in the song are hit and miss. Structure is put together phenomenally as it does create a sense of a real timeline and events happening. But there could be more spice and ingenuity in the note progression as it seemed a little standard for a piece like this.

-Overall I enjoyed the song and getting the chance to review it. Not your best but it's still pretty good. The guitar introduction was my favorite part and went nicely towards the end of the song.

-Review Request Club

EagleGuard responds:


'Recognized the name and remembered that you've put out some gems so I figured i'd start with something i'd enjoy listening to rather than a jumbled mess that needs tons of critiqueing.' - Didn't know I was that popular? (Just kidding =p) Glad you like my music, I do my best to improve every time based on previous feedback ;)

The things you said were also mentioned by some of the other reviewers, so I'll definitely try to improve on those points.

Thanks again for the review! Glad you liked it :)


like usual you make the titel match the song,i see the silence before the fight in this at dawn...'nouf said :P
10/010 5/5 faved dwnldd

EagleGuard responds:

Haha, great! Glad you liked it ;)

Thanks for the review!

Sounds cool.

While I don't think this is one of your best, it's a nice song to listen to, has some nice rhythms and memorable tunes. Not only that, but you've managed to mix a guitar with orchestral-style instruments, and I love it when people do that ;D. So yeah, all in all it's a good submission.

What I noticed first was that your note progression was a bit generic. I found myself predicting what was going to happen next in the song, and while this is fun to listen to, I can't help but think that this does get rather predictable at times, unfortunately. Despite that, on the whole the song was well structured so nice work over there.

Now for the good news. I loved the transitions of this song in particular. The transition to the more upbeat part with the drum beat at 0:42 was absolutely brilliant, and it was followed by an even better transition at 0:53 where you introduce the guitar and brass. 1:14 was also another awesome transition, but the transition at 1:24 was a bit sudden due to the abrupt entrance of the guitar (which is a tad too loud by the way).

That being said, the transition at 2:18 where you introduced a guitar part was much smoother and probably one of my favourite transitions. If I had any suggestions, it'd be to fade out the guitar note at 1:46 rather than just end it, but that's probably personal preference, and overall the transitions were really cool. It wasn't the first time that I smiled upon hearing one of those great transitions.

The guitar was a really nice addition, and while it wasn't amazing quality, it still sounded awesome and that's most important I guess. I also loved the rhythms of the background rhythm guitar. They fit really well, and if it wasn't for the guitar I don't think I would've enjoyed the song nearly as much. Loved the guitar part towards the end by the way, and the awesome transition to it which I mentioned in the paragraph above just made it better. Too bad the song ended soon after :(.

The instrumentation was nice. You blended the guitar and orchestral instruments particularly well, and the addition of the brass really gave this song a heroic, valiant sort of sound to the song, and as kirbyfighter12 pointed out, this does indeed have a 'We can't lose' type of feel to it.

Actually, speaking of that, this doesn't really remind me much of dawn, and while I see where you're going with the contrast from the dark beginning to the more upbeat part as the song progresses (which by the way was awesome), when I think dawn I think of a more majestic atmosphere. This sounds more heroic, but heck, I complain too much...

Regarding the production, I'm afraid I agree with SCTE3 that this still needs to be a bit louder. When I turned the volume up more than I should I started enjoying the song much more. Whilst it's not much of a problem, I don't think I should be turning the volume up just to enjoy the song to its full extent. Other than that, production was good, and I think the song has just the right amount of bass, so I don't know why you think the bass is too much. Either your headphones are too bassey or my speakers are too, err... unbassey?

There isn't much to say about the intro and outro. They were fine, albeit a bit generic. If I had to suggest anything, it'd be to make the hit at the end a bit more powerful (it sounds almost wimpy, for lack of better word), but on the other hand the intro was fine and I loved its progression.

Percussion was great and very fitting. I agree with kirbyfighter12 about the cymbals, since they do sound a bit drowned out in the mix, but other than that the percussion was rhythmic, fitting and awesome. Did you use Stormdrum by any chance?

Anyhow, in general this is a cool submission. While it doesn't especially stand out in the crowd as being unique, and while it's not one of your best, it's still a cool submission which I enjoyed from beginning to end. It's got quite a few very minor problems here and there, sure, but they don't make the listening experience that much worse. Keep up the awesome work, and great job on this!

-Review Request Club-

EagleGuard responds:

Hey man, first off: thanks once again for the massive review! xD I'll try to fix the volume problem in the future. And about the bass, I already changed it before you reviewed the song, so it should be just right now ;)

Glad you like the orchestra + rock combination. It's also one of my favourite genres to compose, so I'll be happy to write more such pieces in the future. Perhaps I'll even throw in some electronic, just for the fun of it =p

There's so many great tips in here that I'm not going to respond to them individually. I'll make good use of them all though ;)

Yes, I did use stormdrum for the percussion. I think it sounds nice and it gets the job done =p

Again, thanks for the review! I'll try to improve on the points you stated here ;)

Niceley made

Ok, First thing, Cymbals...it dosen't stand out much for me..., I can hear it, but it's not a great volume in transition sounding. The Cymbals not geared for transitioning are still quiet-ish.
I could imagine a Choir singing in Latin for this song.
The Rhythm guitar fades 1:36, it is audible but just barley.overall this song sound more like of a "We cant lose" type of song.

EagleGuard responds:

Haha, a straight-to-the-point review =p I find it annoying when people make the cymbals too loud, so I make them a bit softer on purpose. Then again, they could use a slight boost, but I don't find it that disturbing to be honest.

I do have a choir patch, and was thinking about using it, but in the end I thought it wouldn't be of much value. Also, I don't have such a choir in my back garden unfortunately, so making them sing exactly in Latin will be difficult xD

I'll try to focus a bit more on mastering next time, so things like rhythm guitars are a bit more noticeable.

Thanks for the review!

Pretty good

This actually turned out pretty good I would say. However I would recommend raising the decibel a bit so that it is a bit louder and easier for the listener to hear without turning up their speakers all the way or above halfway because when they go to watch or listen to something else they might make their ears hurt.

Really cool use and addition of a guitar here. Sounded pretty cool amongst the classical instruments. The drums sound very nice here. The keyboard sounds pleasant as well. Also like how chilled out the bass is here, completely unobtrusive as always.

Overall, you did a splendid job here!!

Review Request Club

EagleGuard responds:

Yeah, getting the volume right seems to be a problem lately xD I'm using new headphones which don't have a volume changer you see on regular headsets. This means that if I up my computer's volume settings, my ears get blown off. I use normalization when I convert the song, but apparently that needs some tweaking... I'll do my best to increase the volume in future songs =p

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the review, much appreciated as always! :)

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4.40 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2011
2:44 PM EST
Classic Rock
File Info
5.2 MB
2 min 51 sec

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