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NGHH'11 - n1k-mug vs suddle

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Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2011 - MC Knock Out Out n1k-mug vs suddlenuance. (SoundGoodizer)

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Verse 1 - n1k-mug
Verse 2 - suddlenuance.
Verse 3 - n1k-mug
Verse 4 - suddlenuance.

Leave your decision on the winner in a review.


[n1k 1]

it's the rookie n the veteran, The wise men and the children
But guess what, it's the underdog that always be winnin
Yall can like his flow but let me tell yall what ya don't know
he loves jedi mind so much he jacks off to vinnie paz's nose
Yea I made that up, but I don't give a fuck
This man can sing with his gay little voice all he fuckin wants
Hes too excited for this competition, man stop stressing
Your songs are so boring they put me to sleep in a millisecond

[suddle 1]

you rapped too fast, no one understood your ass
quit fumbling over words, makes you sound absurd
you nerds get stomped when that beat drops
I got a gay voice? what do you think you got?
stick to making beats there your better than me
I aint stressed in the least, I know your scared of me
at clubs in the dark you aint showed no love
sippin teas the only time girls'll hold mug

[n1k 2]

Oop I just woke up, swear I heard a lullaby
or maybe just got bored listenin to some suddle rhymes
man go battle someone your own fuckin size
Cant you see no-one as big as me? Open your fuckin eyes
I aint get no girls? Dawg im bigger than a player
Wonder how you do at the club soundin like darth vader
Rap so fast, got your speaker on blast. Made the mistake of lookin past
Me. I make your sound badizer when I burn ya widda flat iron

[suddle 2]

you aint no playa, but you're definitely a catcher
your flow sounds like a whiter version of asher
roth, your flow is off
you sound like a bitch,
every line you spit sounds like recycled clips
recylcing, in other words taking out the trash
turning tracks into gold like a fucking alchemist
I am great, you are wack, now we got the story straight
please don't make me have to take a waffle iron to your face

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Damn, this is one hell of a first round. Alright, let's break it down.

n1k V1 - Good delivery for poor lines. You even made up a personal and then said it was fiction. Damn, can't you find any personals? You used a name diss in the second verse, you could have easily switched it over to the first one.

Suddle V1 - Rapping fast diss, voice diss, beat making. Three REALLY good personals. n1k is already on the ropes after this.

n1k V2 - Lullaby/name diss are okay, decent way to begin the verse. A bit more filler and this time your doubletime is actually worse, which only makes Suddle's first verse hurt worse. Girl flip is done the right way - I like the Darth Vader follow up.

Suddle V2 - Immediate player flip, recycle flip is okay but I've heard worse MCs on the site. Waffle iron is a nice finisher.

Suddle annihilates n1k with personals but in most other brackets n1k would have made it to the second round.


damn. suddle could've easily made it past round 2 and prevented the catastrophe known as gasmasq v smorg....that was just awful. just awful.

Eh, old battle but albeat for shits and giggles

Y'all focus on N1K's one line:
"he loves jedi mind so much he jacks off to vinnie paz's nose
Yea I made that up, but I don't give a fuck"

If you knew Suddle, you'd know that he really, really likes Jedi Mind Tricks.. so that dis was actually ok, to many syllables it seemed in 1 line but ok. Suddle did come back at him and had some really great disses. But this is where some of the judges don't seem to take a lot into account and dragged one lyric that they didn't completely understand out of the song and decided n1k had no shot because of it. When in reality, n1k had some good disses too like the Darth Vadar line, sound badizer, suddle rhymes. I believe I voted for Suddle even though I didn't like how he explained the Recycle thing as if whoever listens is a complete retard? Of course, this competition has had some judges, in which it seems you would have to waste some bars to explain a dis that they would probably never notice.

. . .Suddle Wins, Very week battle

First off, Not sure there was point to put in a line that was not true then say it not true in the next line. "he loves jedi mind so much he jacks off to vinnie paz's nose
Yea I made that up, but I don't give a fuck"??? Suddle had some really nice funny line the one that really hurt and won the battle was "sippin teas the only time girls'll hold mug" and some other lines that were to the point too, But i won't go in to them this review.

In the end Both Were good But if they when little harder with Flow and putting in a new style it would bring more to this battle. Good for both MC Suddle For the win.


delivery, lines, flow, fuck it, voice lol easy hands down good shit suddle

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Mar 11, 2011
8:39 PM EST
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