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Nghh11 - Joey Keys Vs Pig

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[Joey Keys]
First bar, didn't know what to write.
Lets talk about Pig hitting me up every night.
"I'm excited for our battle, your lyrics are tight!"
How polite, well I guess I'll be nice and formally invite,
You to this ass-whoppin' tonight,
I'm equivalent to Joe Frazier when holden a mic.
Not even gonna' try, this is an unfair fight,
You could bring a knife and still wont be alright.

This kid rhymes fight with night now he thinks he's smokin joe
Seriously, what the fuck are you smokin joe?
I hope you know against me youre like that kid, Boss
A guaranteed first round loss
Get the keyboard off your shoulder and use it
All i hear you do is take samples and loop it
Wack producer, why are you even called joey keys?
The only keys you need are control plus Z

[Joey Keys]
Say your prayers, I'm the muthafuckin' swin slaya',
I'll make bacon out your ass & leave you in a crater.
You fucking geek, You ain't close to being street,
Come see me & I guarantee I will knock out your teeth.
You talkin' gay shit all up on your newgrounds page.
This faggot won't leave me alone on AIM!
25 year old nerd lives up on the internet,
He made like 50 flash games, that shit is evidence.

Wow, joey, what a sweet verse
Now go print me up one of your cafepress tshirts
The one with big black letters that says "joey keys"
Im gonna rock that shit like a hipster trophy
Cuz this is a wrap, point match game
You wont need to kiss my ass again on AIM
You're lame, left newgrounds in 2010
Came back for 2 verses now youre leaving again

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Nice beat. Pigpen totally demolished Joey in my opinion, he kept his cool and threw the hardest hits.


First verses we good from both humans, except:

"You could bring a knife and still wont be alright"

That line is retarded.

Joey Key's second verse is retarded. What was he thinking trying to yell-rap like he is hardcore? Ruined his own flow.

And Pigpen raps the second verse in a weird voice - it's gay.

lol pigpen?

but they put you up against a nobody who cant flow for shit even if his life depended on it. honeslty u both suck so bad though lmfao urban dictionary? is that where you silly whitekids are studying how to "talk like a gangster" lmfao 2 jokes laughing at eachother

hmmm... Joey Keys.

Well... first i have to say both rappers were incredibly good. flow, delivery it was all here. as well as great mic quality which is rare in NGHH.

Joey Keys voice fitted with the beat in the first very well his speed was pretty damn good as well, all in all his flow was better.

PigPen lyrics were more a lot more dynamic as well as his voice much more fresh than Joey Keys. which is quite generic.

All over though im going to have to go with Joey Keys partially i think he was lucky to have this beat which really compliments his speed although i have to question how he decided to resort to slashing curses in his 2nd verse. but at the end of the day more consistent - JOEY KEYS!


Pigpen wins

Pigpen is cleverer and doesn't rely on cheap homophobic slurs.

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Mar 10, 2011
8:43 AM EST
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