Watchout (Explicit)

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Produced By K TEK, one of the hardest beats out period. This would make a kick ass fight scene, getaway scene or movie intro/outro.

Thank to K Tek for this instrumental, one of the coldest beats Ive heard.

The 2nd verse is easily one of my best ever.

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(1st verse)

We is what it is in the south

Fuck what you talk like a dick in your mouth

I improved anything I thought

& I lecture leaders, BITCH you lost??

How you gonna stop what dont know how to halt?

How you gone block what cant be caught?

4.3 speed but I creep like smoke

12 ride d's we shop lo pro

So forget what you thought I aint nothing like yall

never cuff no broad never call no laws

I mob on the corner, dont mug getting drug is made to order

Goin half on a bag better yet a quarter

Two gimps at the cribs with a camcorder

Grillz dreads thoroughbreds lacs & chevys

Pull up on another freak cuz I gotta get it

I aint gotta say Im real I know Im ready

Ima get over whether or not you thought you

Would let me

if you think you can stop me, stop it,

Pleeease, think of another topic



I AM (that truth)

YOU AINT (gonna break)

I CAN (go hard)

YOU CANT (relate)

I DID (that shit)

YOU DONT (know bout)

I WILL (go back)

YOU WONT (still doubt)

Yall best WATCHOUT!!

Im the real n***az shit spitter give them what the business is

You aint real until you realize who the realest is

After the fact n***a saying what he coulda did

What he shoulda did, never said what he woulda did

Wanna know about what a true G do?

Turn off your mouth bitch look that the news

The majority of n***az like me either dead or behind bars

That aint stop shit hell it aint just start

Bar none, aint none equivalent to par

Flow from the veins to the pen but it pump

From the heart, from the jump I start

The beginning of the finishing off, any n***a

Who pretending he boss

Against all odds

Ima take all best, coming from a small city called

Take respect, make threats face regret

In the face of death, too many n***az aint on they job

Probably the reason so many broads like broads

Do cardds pick champs or do champs pick cards?

Straight off the Hen, high off the purp still down for the cause

Better get yall mind right

Lot of n***az wanna be boss

Lot of n***az front and be false

Lot of n***az floss

And they Talk

And the lost in the head, but them mothafuckaz bout to get taught




Track! 5ing and downloading...no complaints whatsoever.

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get em

hard shit my n***a

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Immo responds:

I do it for the squad. WE NEED TO COLLAB!!!!

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Mar 10, 2011
7:27 AM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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