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NGHH'11 - QSik vs TehSlapHappy

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Author Comments

Newgrounds Hip Hop competition for 2011 MC Knock Out tournament, round 1.
Q-Sik The 112 vs. TehSlapHappy

What do you think?

EDIT: TehSlapHappy doesn't respond to any of my private messages.. so whatever I'm just gonna post my lyrics and he can tell me his later.

Verse 1 (THS):
Qsik, that dude sucks mad asshole
From other dudes in El Paso
Lyrics are undeveloped like a young ass tadpole
Let me ask you, Mr. Emotionless rapper
How do you feel about my asshole
When I shit on you, without any tissue
If it's an issue please tell me and i'll reissue
Lay you to bed and kiss you
Won't even diss you, Mr. 112
Just end this fight before you get hurt tonight
I'm definitely gonna wear that ass out tonight
If you lose to a guy like me that means that you're probably means you need to have your ass loosened

Verse 2 (QSik):
Hey slaphappy whats wrong with you?
I rhyme so sick you get the stomach flu
I was antiabortion until I met you
You sound like a rappin' Blink 182
Ill put you into decommission
You should call me a mortician
You? You get no recognition
Me? Rap? I'm the definition
I saw you with that Hype Track
You yourself called it So Wack
But it wasn't good enough to be called that
Those are some rhymes you'll wanna take back
Your rhymes are so retarded its scary
Man you're so low, I'll call you Barry
or Tinkerbell cause you're a fairy
It looks like this battle, I'll have to carry!

Verse 3 (THS):
Who the fuck are you trying to talk to me
I'll fill your mouth up with HIV
Or some type of Herpies Simplex C
I'll lay your ass out like a simile
Hey, are you the guy who couldn't stay on beat
for his own hype track
Wow, never knew I'd be talking to a dude guy who sounded lame and more wack
than me Mr. 123 5 8 2 9 0 8
Masturbate on every single track you make
Be original, it's that simple
Man get the mic away from your mouth
So the kind folks know what you're talking about
By the way, Mr. Kentucky
If you even win this round, well you'd be lucky

Verse 4 (QSik):
Who the fuck am I? Yo who the fuck are you!?
To talk to me, just like you do
Ill grab your neck, and rip out your jugular
Shove it up your ass, you wont be able to mutter
another fuckin' word, let alone rap
Grab the inhaler, its in your fanny pack
You're the hype man, I'm the headliner
I'm the black knight, and you're my squire
This is a warning, don't fuck with me
You'll leave the room as an amputee
With your arm shoved down your throat
You won't have a voice used to insult
I'm so real that its inhumane
You tell stories like Mark Twain
I don't even know what the fuck your sayin..
Get off your knees! I know you're not prayin..

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So this was an interesting take on things don't think I heard a battle or track like this but what I do know is that this is cool I like it you have some cool ideas and some solid sound so do make more soon as this was a solid piece here

Some solid work and sound make more


Damn it. Slap raps about ass. QSik rhymes about... Ass. And blowjobs. Q-Sik's flow is more on-point, but he smudged the rhythm in bits where the syllable count really didn't require him to change the tempo. I'd give Q-Sik the win.


C'mon Guys....

QSik responds:

Yes, really.


he was better

QSik responds:


hmm... TehSlappyHappy


Qsik - Recording quality was a lot less defined and slightly fuzzy but his flow and lyrics worked well and all concluded toghether to make a pretty fast paced lyrical verse. His lyrics were a lot more memorable if a bit weird which is quite good. a few hiccups thorughout due to a bit to many lyrics and hiccips in flow. overall very good.

TehSlappyHappy - Lyrics VERY generic and lesscreative it does sound like freestyle. as well as boring speed which all tohgether makes it slightly less interesting to listen to than Qsik. However where Qsik is better lyric'ly. And Qsik's flow and voice as well as recording quaity is less enjoyable and much worse.

Rather a large controversy in my mind but.. TehSlappyHappy very generic but overall flow beats Qsik sloppy flow and delivery!

(good battle)

QSik responds:

Lol, my flow was perfectly on-point, I don't think it was sloppy at all.
As far as quality, this is newgrounds, sorry if you were expecting some sort of professional 100-dollar mic from this poor guy.

But everybody is entitled to their opinion, and I appreciate you for leaving it! :)

Credits & Info


4.23 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2011
9:41 PM EST
File Info
2.1 MB
2 min 20 sec

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