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-Forever Fantasy-

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Author Comments

A composition wholly inspired by the Fantasy genre, including books, movies, games, and the like. Flowing strings, ethereal pan flute, dramatic percussion, a little harpsichord...and even some brass thrown in for good measure. This piece is calm; relaxing in a world that's anything but. I hope that you like it.



When my ears take in every note, may they be nearly perfected mind you, I see what appears to be opened skies full of hopes and dreams where one is to glide through and reach for within their strongest points in life. Not only is this the cortex of said context, but this song represents the very origin that leads up to this moment.. Perhaps, say they are about to begin their journey; saying their 'farewell until then's' to all of their loved ones.. They take flight on what appears to be a dragonfly.. Mhmm, your song twists reality into a mystical place where logic seizes to exist-- I like that.

My completely fair 5/5 10/10. One of your best, if not the best. I listened to the whole thing til I reviewed. It was worth every millisecond. Well done, my friend. Now, I shalt share some more of my philosophy. ^-^

- Philosophy #54192 -

Essentially, the dawn of man is carried by his shadow; as the light seizes to exist, but man will soon turn against their shadow to cast it into a realm of shadows, but was this shadow really a shadow, or were /we/ the shadow?

In time, as I've long lived in this corrupted world.. No matter how lost I've come to be; no matter how much people tried to deceive me, to use me, for their own purposeless agendas that granted nothing but emptyness. A candle beneath my conscious realm remained lit.. No amount of darkness would blow the candle light out. I continued to glide through life, through it's perilous darkness, making mistakes, not knowing where to go.. but inside something kept guding me to the right direction. I might've not seen what was before me, but I knew that I had no need to indulge in my selfish hunger. I wanted more.. I was wanted to know why I couldn't see what reality blinded me from seeing; questioning everyone and everything, for how strange this world was to me.. How lies became the truth, and when anyone tries to speak the truth.. they say it's a lie.. How we couldn't speak up for ourselves.. how people were right when they never gave you a chance to defend against their claims.. It was living through this moment of time that helped me realise what life is about. What the shadow really was, and why I am able to see things in people while they continue to see rejected aspects of themselves through me.

I am never going to forget what the voice inside my head once told me: ''It is the hollow points of life that makes this world whole''. Meaning, that everything, significant and insignificant come together as one.. There is a bridge to everything.. It there is no light.. We wouldn't know how to approach darkness. If there was no hatred, how would we appreciate peacefulness? If there was no shadow.. Where would balance be? If we were only one thing? A life that is built aorund opposites and differences is what makes this world so whole.. Without opposing elements, there would be no such thing as an element if there weren't more than one element.. What matters is how we become aware of all of life's elements; how to manifest them. Dark, light. Happiness, sadness. Good, bad.

To live through heaven. To live through hell. To live through ourselves. To live in this world. To live in different mind; to stand in the same world. That is life.. To not fret for what we want, to live to be. The man I stand for, infront of of 100's, or 1000's of human beings one day.. Will be the man I will die as. Man may have more than one face, but that doesn't mean these faces are not a part of this man.. I understand the answer to life now, and hopefully.. One day.. others will understand as well.

It's really too easy to pretend to be a somebody. Then to live the person you ought to be. It's too easy to play god that only controls things through your weakness. Try controlling this world through your strengths and your weaknesses. A man with a family, with a perfect life would not save a life like a man with nothing going for him would.

I dare somebody to save this world when they have everything they always wanted. This is what life is about..

To become the best of what we are to be.

ChronoNomad responds:

TLDR! Just kidding. I simply don't even know where to begin with so much philosophical waxing. Much depth, indeed. For my part I will be more brief and simply thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an in-depth and honest review. The time and effort you have put into it are commendable, and my hope is that - after listening to what may be my magnum opus - you will not think less of my remaining repertoire.

Perhaps I am saving this world one song at a time...? Perhaps not, but a man may dream, and dreams sought after with enough tenacity can one day become reality.

Really good

Its awsome for some forest ambient song something like that... Good work

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!


This is just true epic, i can't describe it in other words. It's so calm and sweet, it gives a great feeling. A feeling of happines and hope :D. Amazing!

Way to go!

ChronoNomad responds:

Music that invokes strong feelings in the listener; the holy grail of the industry, and I'm glad to hear that I can successfully do so. Thank you for letting me know how this makes you feel so happy and hopeful. I can never express just how good hearing things like that makes me feel.

In a world that's anything but...

There is a calm that washes over the sea,
of tumult that lies between my eyes and me,
A sigh, of wishes unfulfilled as I Press the headphones to mine ears,
A longing, for arms once full of love,
Now desolate, a lifted face covered by clinging tears,
A lovely refrain, a song of beauty, far greater than a symbol, the dove.
A peace, so endless and deep,
One would be pressed to consider sleep.

IK3. SO much.


ChronoNomad responds:

Did my music just incite you to poetic verse? That's new (and amazing)...

Thank you for the inspirational review poem and delightful comments!
It felt a bit lonely, but how else are such feelings articulated?
Music draws feelings unbidden, requesting no permission.


this song feels as if it is the end of something... it sounded like it was conveying a meaning of some kind.

ChronoNomad responds:

Things are always ending and beginning in an endless cycle, and that's probably one of the most predominant themes in musical expression. Music always has meaning, and while it may mean one thing to the artist it could mean something very different to somebody else. It's a very subjective medium, especially when there are no lyrics involved.

Thanks for leaving such a thought-provoking review!

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4.51 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2011
12:51 PM EST
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4 min 36 sec

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